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  1. “The Sleep Chasers”

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    June 28, 2019 by phicks2012

    I write poetry in my sleep. I have no idea why this happens, or what bizarre confluence of circumstances prompts …
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  2. Krogering

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    June 25, 2019 by phicks2012

    For years now I’ve been a fairly loyal Kroger customer. They had two locations relatively nearby. They had a senior …
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  3. Bully For You!

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    June 18, 2019 by phicks2012

    Periodically I thank God for the fact that the internet and social media did not evolve when I was a …
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  4. “A Lady Waiting”

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    June 14, 2019 by phicks2012

    I write poetry, and occasionally dip poetically into the far past — especially when a verse I thought long lost …
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  5. Am I the Only One?


    June 11, 2019 by phicks2012

    Just Checking. Am I the only one who does a face-palm when I hear people seriously arguing over whether Bert …
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  6. Your Know You’re Not the Target Demographic When…

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    June 7, 2019 by phicks2012

    It’s only out of acute boredom that you actually watch anything at all on MTV. You deliberately, and immediately, change …
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  7. The Diet Yo-Yo

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    June 4, 2019 by phicks2012

    Until I was in my 30s I really had no problem with my weight. Like many feckless young women, I …
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I am an active, outgoing person interested in all sorts of things and all sorts of people! I'm constantly discovering new interests, and expect that to continue right into the grave!

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