“The Sleep Chasers”

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June 28, 2019 by phicks2012

I write poetry in my sleep. I have no idea why this happens, or what bizarre confluence of circumstances prompts it. Do I see something inspiring during my waking hours, or hear something, or (God forbid) eat something that activates a creative gland of some sort? Am I visited by some metaphysical Muse who lurks around waiting for me to lower my defenses? Who knows!!

The fact is, however, that I sometimes wake from a perfectly good sleep with lines of verse in my head, and know that if I don’t immediately write them down they will fade from my memory. I’m compelled to get up and find a pen and paper, or rush to my computer keyboard — and while the words I wind up writing might not be faultlessly inspiring or incredible I can’t really be sure of that at the time, while half asleep, right?

So this verse wasn’t sleep-written, but it was inspired by such semi-somnambulant activity, and will probably be published in our monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox”. 😉


The Sleep-Chasers

From slumber waking suddenly
Wide-eyed and with a surety
That words will fade if not swift-penned
Before surrendering again
To sleep, dark Orpheus’ embrace,
Thus swiftly, seizing pen, I race.
Then parchment neath my eager hand
Takes on the words that slumber fanned,
And that in restful musings rose
More strongly there than simple prose
To wake me from my flowing dreams
Where time is never what it seems.
I cannot linger, drifting there
But must arise, and words prepare,
Because the chasers of my sleep
Will otherwise in slumber keep
My restless reveries well stirred
And send me back to pen each word,
While I am yet remembering.
And only then fall slumbering

25 June A.S. LIV, 2019

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