The Diet Yo-Yo

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June 4, 2019 by phicks2012

Until I was in my 30s I really had no problem with my weight. Like many feckless young women, I obsessed over just a few extra pounds, but really — I could eat just about anything without piling the tonnage on, and didn’t much appreciate it at the time.

The first trendy diet I tried was Atkins, back in the early days when the idea was to eat a lot of protein and virtually NO carbs. The plan was to force the body into Ketosis (which seems to be what the “new” Keto Diet is these days), and to thereby force the body to burn stored fat. That worked, a little, but I also discovered that without complex carbohydrates my nerves went pretty much haywire. I couldn’t sleep, I was jumpy — I was even paranoid, so Bye Bye Atkins Diet.

I tried other diets that just failed outright, but then later in my 30s I tried Weight Watchers, and (wonder of wonders) it worked. Unfortunately, I was also relying, to a certain extent, upon some Weight Watchers pre-packaged products to help me stay honest, and over time they stopped making most of them, I got to goal, but (let’s face it) I didn’t have that much to lose back then and didn’t stay on their Maintenance Plan. After I went off of it, and as the years passed, I slowly put on weight again. I just didn’t realize how much right away. It’s called “denial”.

About 10 years ago, figuring I’d officially reached “porker status”, I tried Nutri-system, and hated it. Not only did it NOT work for me, but it was expensive and a lot of the food was terrible. I then tried the Hollywood diet, which simply didn’t work for me, and eventually I went back on Weight Watchers again. It took me 2 years, but they did still had some Weight Watchers products (like TV Dinners, Ice Cream, and margarine, to make it a bit easier. Then, just when I was getting to GOAL (I had FIVE bloody pounds to go) they changed their diet again and discontinued nearly all of their product line. The new Weight Watchers diet cut the points values of fruits (quick sugar fix, but not filling) and doubled the points values of the complex carbs that had been keeping me from feeling hungry all the time, and when the weight started creeping back on and I sought the support WW promised I was told to “eat less”. Really? You call that counselling?

So, over the past 5 years I’ve put all of it back on. CRAP!, and again — after briefly and unsuccessfully trying some other methods, I’ve again gone back on Weight Watchers. They not longer have, as far as I know, more than a few Weight Watchers products, so thus far I’m still looking for good margarine, or good ice cream, or sauces, or cheese products, or dairy products that won’t blow my points limit all to Hell. However, I’ve only been on the diet this time for a short while and they do have a lot of bonus points (above and beyond the regular daily points) that I can use, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck as I set sail once again upon the dieting seas. I can’t expect to be YOUNG and HOT again, but I can be WARM, and I plan to lie about my AGE until they make it a FELONY. 😉

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