Your Know You’re Not the Target Demographic When…

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June 7, 2019 by phicks2012

It’s only out of acute boredom that you actually watch anything at all on MTV.

You deliberately, and immediately, change the channel when 9-out-of-10 Entertainment “News” shows come on.

You have no earthly idea who the reality “stars” on the covers of the super market tabloids are.

You wish you could auto-mute the newest runs of really stupid and annoying Geico or Johnsonville Brat Commercials. ALL of them.

When your cat jumps up onto your chest and blocks your line of sight to the TV screen, you sometimes think the view is improved — especially if the Kardashians or any version of Housewives have come on and you haven’t yet had a chance to change the channel.

You have absolutely no idea what most of the drugs being advertised are — or, for that matter, what most of the diseases and conditions they are supposed to treat are — and are pretty sure most of them have been invented simply to create a demand for the pharmaceuticals.

You can flip through 900 channels and still not find anything you want to watch.

The On Demand menu has nothing on that you want to ‘demand”.

You really suspect someone ought to sue the offending networks for unusual cruelty for continuing to produce Jerry Springer and Maury.

If it weren’t for Amazon Prime, Netflix, and On Demand there are days when you’d find nothing intelligent at all to watch on TV that you haven’t already seen at least 10 times.

Just sayin’. 😉

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