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  1. Halloween & Politics

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    October 31, 2016 by phicks2012

    What is scarier than Halloween horror and street-wandering monsters? The Presidential election, that’s what! The only thing really redeeming this …
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  2. It’s In Stock!

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    October 28, 2016 by phicks2012

    You’ve got to love the internet, because whether or not you love it the bloody thing touches everything we do. …
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  3. “Autumn’s Arms”

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    October 24, 2016 by phicks2012

    With the weather finally cooler — okay, well it HAD to get cooler, didn’t it? This summer was brutal — …
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  4. DIY

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    October 22, 2016 by phicks2012

    When you’re a homeowner it’s really frightening how many things need fixing — and on your own dime, one way …
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  5. Shire! Shire! for October

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    October 17, 2016 by phicks2012

    Over a decade ago in 2002 — that’s 14-years for the mathematically fixated — I was finalizing an issue of …
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  6. The Doors, Part Deux

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    October 15, 2016 by phicks2012

    Antique Doors are really nice, as long as they’re sound, and close properly. They have to be installed and hung …
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  7. “The Shadow Seekers”


    October 11, 2016 by phicks2012

    I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person to interact on-line, and elsewhere of course, with people who are absolutely …
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