Am I the Only One?


June 11, 2019 by phicks2012

Just Checking.

Am I the only one who does a face-palm when I hear people seriously arguing over whether Bert and Ernie, two Sesame Street Muppets totally lacking in any form of external genitalia, are gay?

Am I the only one ever to wonder how many brain cells television programming executives share between them as they continue to add more spin-offs of “Real Housewives”? Okay, maybe I should question the cumulative gray matter of the viewers too, but that’s another matter.

Am I the only one who rolls her eyes when I hear people claim to have suffered serious, irreversible trauma as a result of really minor and pretty much unavoidable life-experiences, or disappointments?

What? The color you painted your bedroom didn’t turn out quite as expected, so now you’re in therapy and suing Sherwin-Williams? What? You didn’t make the cheer-leading squad, or the football team, so now you’re suffering from clinical depression, and it’s all THEIR fault? What? The stylist cut your hair too short, and now you’re “permanently traumatized”? Really?

Am I the only one who considers relocating to a “Common Sense Enclave” when I hear people claim to be mortally offended by common everyday words, symbols, or actions that 98% of the human population would never deem offensive? Why do people look, and I mean actively LOOK, for things to be offended by? I’m not taking about things that are generally accepted as offensive, either. I’m talking about things that are NOT. What’s with THAT, and when do we stop letting fringe lunatic hate groups co-opt our symbolism?

Am I the only one to believe that children who never hear the word “No” or face any consequences for their bad acts are likely to grow up to be entitled, self-centered adults unable to cope in an adult manner with personal failure, rejection, disappointment, or hardship? If they’re allowed to scream and throw food in a restaurant; lie, steal, or bully other children; or damage property, and there are zero repercussions, then what are they going to do when mommie and daddy are no longer there to run interference? I mean, besides sharing a cell-block with people like John Wayne Gasey?

Am I the only one to feel that while serious Vegans are more than entitled to their personal dietary choices, and can eat all of the seaweed-based meat substitute they want, the fanatics among them just probably need be confined to a fauna-free zone somewhere? Am I crazy to feel that they have no right to dictate to, or call names or diet-shame people who do not share — or ever wish to share — their (in my opinion mostly unpalatable) dietary restrictions? I don’t force-feed them meat or animal products, so I’d say what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander — except that the real food-bigots would find that offensive too, right?

Am I the only one who sometimes thinks she’s missed her calling when she sees the truly horrible TV commercials some companies — like those making Trollis, Icebreakers, Skittles (Skittlespox), Little Caesar’s (every one of them), and Mountain Dew (Puppy-Monkey-Baby) — are willing to pay for? I mean, somebody has got to be getting residuals for subjecting TV viewers to those, after all, and I KNOW I could do better! 😉 And I just happen to believe there’s a difference between funny and truly stupid. Am I wrong? Am I the only one who fast forwards (or hits the mute button) every time a Johnsonville Bratts commercial comes on?

So, am I the only one? Surely not! Just checking though. 😉

One thought on “Am I the Only One?

  1. I don’t even watch tv, since I don’t need to have idiots imported into my headspace with the dumb commercials and bad shows–

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