“Keyboard Warriors”


December 11, 2018 by phicks2012

Social media can be a wonderful thing when it comes to keeping up with friends and family, sharing humor and art and useful information, and doing research. Unfortunately, some people use it in an attempt to force-feed others on their own radical, or narrow, or even dangerous views — and many more are incredibly quick to vilify and seek to destroy anyone who simply does not agree with them — as though having a different outlook or opinion were tantamount to INFAMY.

They may see themselves as crusaders for “a cause”, or as heroes willing to speak up and spread “the truth” while those who ignore them are fools and their detractors are “minions of evil” — but this doesn’t make their self-image true.

In any case, too many people, in my opinion, are far too quick to jump on-line and strike out viciously (and personally) at people they do not know, and whose motives they absolutely do not understand — and many are cowards who feel safe in doing this because they can hide behind their keyboards and never actually have to open a mature dialog with the people they are trying to destroy — thus I feel no guilt at all in making sport of them. 😉

Note that I am taking no sides, except against mindless and vicious rhetoric. So, if you cannot detect the sarcasm in the verse below, or if you find it offensive because you are one of those people who leaps onto social media to call names, smear reputations, and make accusations against anyone not sharing your particular views, then I absolutely do not apologize. 😉

Keyboard Warriors

A testament to bravery they wield their words and speak their minds
With vorpal keyboards stoutly drawn, and virtual shields to hide behind.

So eager there to venom spew, not hand-to-hand nor face-to-face,
But hurling taunts and calling names with daring from a sheltered place.

They boldly judge with valiant zeal the motives of a distant foe,
Assigning villainy and vice to rivals that they do not know.

With gallantry and certitude, they give no care to what they say;
Attacking, dauntless and secure; heroic in their hideaway.

They name as foes and scoundrels foul; blackguards who fail to share their view,
Assured that their reality must be the only one held true.

And from embattled certitude they loose their bolts, intent to slay
The names and reputations of those cads and rogues with else to say.

From walls embattled hurl their stones, at churls and knaves who disagree,
Propelling scorn from arbalists, and crying vilest infamy.

Enarmored in their surety that what they say cannot be wrong,
And reprobates who disagree in their brave world do not belong.

With tongues well-honed, self-righteous hearts, and language pitiless and sure;
With insults swiftly sent aloft, ‘gainst foes whose words must not endure.

Thus keyboard warriors wage their wars, and fight their battles from afar,
With verbal barbs, and lingual blades, and truly fearless repertoire.

[29 October, A.S.LIII, 2018]


3 thoughts on ““Keyboard Warriors”

  1. You summed it up well and you wrote well. 🙂 Enjoyed.

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