False Service


August 23, 2014 by phicks2012

ctree2Okay, so I write poetry. I get inspired, or I get provoked, and I start churning out structured verse — which these days seems to be more rare than not. I’m not saying that no one writes poetry, mind you. Huge numbers of people do so, but if my internet searches are any indication the vast majority write free verse, most of which uses neither meter nor rhyme.

I write structured verse, partly because I relish the challenge of saying what I want to say while doing so within a set format, and partly because I simply like it.

That having been said, the verse below was written because I have an admitted problem with people who contribute only when higher-ups are watching, and are subsequently rewarded by people who do not look beyond the surface to realize this.

It was written for publication in my SCA newsletter, “The Equinox”, and thus contains many Scadian references, but it also applies even moreso to the everyday world, and I hope you like it.

“False Service”

Oh, to serve is to honor with spirit and zeal
All the needs of the many; to further their weal,
And those offering service with hands open wide,
They may give their world something that long will abide.

Those who offer to serve only under demand,
Or with noble eyes seeing the work of their hands,
May well rush to the fore when rewards can be won,
But they vanish when lowly work has be done.

Those who check off achievements and goals on their lists
Laying claim to all acolades, quick to resist
Giving credit to others that merit great praise
May well shift every blame when when a project decays.

Those who hunger for prominence, quick to arise
When a task gains them glory in Royalty’s eyes,
But who back well away when rewards may be small,
They will rarely respond to a less regal call.

Yes, and those that the masses unwillingly serve
They will always think Peerage is what they deserve,
But the ones such as these most deserving are not,
And a golden medallion should ne’er be their lot.

Save the praise and the honor for those who will stand
When a task holds no glory, and eyes far less grand
Are there watching and waiting, and standing in need.
Truly those are the folk who are heroes indeed.

[17 May, 2014]

4 thoughts on “False Service

  1. I wish to tell you that this reminded me of a famous and eloquent poet. Unfortunately, I don’t know any poets, so I’ll just have to tell you that I loved this.

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