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  1. “The Song of the War”

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    April 3, 2018 by phicks2012

    My main hobby happens to be historical reenactment in the SCA. As a result, I’ve written rather a lot of …
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  2. Eulogy for Richard: Ride On

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    November 11, 2016 by phicks2012

    On Saturday November 5th, 2016 a great man was laid to rest. Rick Hatten, known in the SCA as Earl …
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  3. “Just Deserts”?

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    July 5, 2016 by phicks2012

    “Get the Settlement YOU DESERVE!!” Has there ever been a more slippery statement? Personal Injury Lawyers on TV are always …
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  4. Legends XXI: William Tell

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    June 22, 2015 by phicks2012

    On June 20th, 2015 The SCA Shire of Sol Haven hosted Legends XXI: William Tell at Factory Shoals Park in …
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  5. Survivor SCA


    September 1, 2014 by phicks2012

    Survivor SCA In the frivolous spirit of televised competition shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and Different Worlds, I’ve been contemplating …
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  6. Lords and Ladies


    April 3, 2013 by phicks2012

    As I mentioned previously, my hobby is History and I participate in the SCA. while the real Middle Ages were …
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  7. The Main Event

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    November 11, 2012 by phicks2012

    I really thought I could meet the challenge posed by fellow blogger at http://kingstaste.com/WordPress/ to BLOG every day during the …
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