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  1. It’s Only Air

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    July 7, 2020 by phicks2012

    Let me start by saying that though I’m a Georgia native I am not a fan of blistering hot weather. …
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  2. “Thunder”

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    March 3, 2020 by phicks2012

    Sometimes, when things start to go wrong, or when danger threatens, or when we really need to be cautious there …
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  3. Top 10 Fun G-Rated Things to do Alone on the Fourth of July That Don’t Involve Leaving Home or Shooting Off Bottle-Rockets

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    July 6, 2019 by phicks2012

    There are times when you have plans with friends or family for the Fourth of July, or when you intend …
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  4. Braving the Heat

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    May 22, 2019 by phicks2012

    So, a in late May of 2018 I was bored. I didn’t feel like leaving the house, because, frankly, while …
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  5. “Raindrops”

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    April 13, 2018 by phicks2012

    I actually like rain. I find it peaceful and refreshing, and I even like thunderstorms with their clash and flash …
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  6. “The Hearth”


    January 26, 2018 by phicks2012

    I love open fires. I love to watch fires burn, and I love the scent of wood smoke, and I …
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  7. Sharing Snow?

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    December 19, 2017 by phicks2012

    On December 9th it snowed. Well, it sort of snowed, and I took several videos using my phone. Simple. However, …
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  8. Snow Before Christmas?


    December 12, 2017 by phicks2012

    I live in the south, and where I live we rarely have a White Christmas. In fact, we rarely have …
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  9. I’m Just Mad About Irma

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    September 13, 2017 by phicks2012

    Well, as most know very well, after Hurricane Irma cut her swath of destruction across Haiti and Cuba, she then …
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