“To Laughter”

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February 4, 2020 by phicks2012

Back in the early days of this century — and BOY does THAT sound frighteningly distant at this point — I decided to write a series of articles for our monthly SCA Newsletter “The Equinox” dealing with medieval poetic forms. It was my hope to find some really good sources on-line that detailed how such forms were composed in period (meter, rhyme scheme, typical subject matter, and the like) such that a modern person would be able to duplicate the form when writing an original verse.

I was appalled that the only source I could find at the time (at least without access to a major library) was Wikipedia, but Wikipedia did have other sources listed in the bibliography, so I went with that figuring “What the Hell! I can always use that information to dig more deeply later”.

Each article I wrote was accompanied by an original poem I wrote myself to illustrate the form, and the one below was written on the subject of “Laughter” to illustrate a Shakespearean Sonnet.

Enjoy, if you will.

Sonnet No.14 (Shakespearean Sonnet Form)
To Laughter

I mark me how the rapturous stream doeth spill
From sources deep and freshened by delight;
The heart untethered and the soul refilled;
The eye full-brimming and irriguous bright;
The music quickened and the rhythm glad,
Impetuous, and blithe as joy may be;
The loose-limbed languor mocking all things sad,
With sweet out-pourings of pure levity.
The clement countenance, sparks radiant then,
Enchanted, softened, and from inward lit.
The sweet ambrosial music spills again
A rindle rushing from a fount of wit.
All that which brings us joy must come thereof,
And those who bring us laughter, we must love.

[03 May, A.S. XXXIX, 2004]

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