December 10, 2019 by phicks2012

This is not going to be much of a lead-in. What follows is a verse I wrote while aggravated at the number of people in the world who really don’t care, and who cannot be bothered to do anything that doesn’t impact them directly and very personally — even when they’ve committed to participating or helping out.

This wasn’t written based entirely upon my experiences in the SCA. It was written based largely upon my experiences in the real world, but since it will be published in our monthly SCA newsletter (The Equinox) some of the imagery was tailored accordingly — and, let’s face it, there are people like this literally EVERYWHERE!

The people targeted won’t see themselves in this poem, even assuming they see it, because such people never do, but this is in their “honor” anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ask not that I stand forth when there is need,
Nor offer, when work needs be done, my hand.
Ask not that I appear, as I’ve agreed
When tasks await, nor sure and ready stand.

Ask not that I might lowly duties share,
Nor in commitments any interest take.
Ask not, when need arises, that I care,
Nor yet forebear to false excuses make.

Ask not that I will strive to keep my word,
For striving, that for eager effort calls.
Ask not that other interests be deferred,
Nor that I selfless be when interest palls.

I do not answer well to duty’s writ,
And seldom time for obligations spare.
My habit is to do as I see fit.
And for all else, I simply do not care.

Thus when the call goes out for ready hands,
Or when the need for service waxes dire,
My face will not be seen. In other lands
I’ll be sojourning, til that need expire.

If it is not convenient to my own
Great aspirations, I will take me hence,
Where I can seek a circlet, or a throne.
Or garner great awards in recompense.

But lesser burdens, earning me no fame,
I shall not shoulder. I’m a devotee
Of that which will add titles to my name,
And worship at the Shrine of Apathy.

[18 November, 2019]

3 thoughts on ““Apathy”

  1. surrealisticdreams says:

    These people are everywhere and have opportunity to stand against evil in this word, yet, they do nothing. It occurs in the physical and digital worlds all too often.

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