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December 6, 2019 by phicks2012

I have some questions.

First Question: Why it is that people even bother to make commitments if they are unwilling to follow through on them? Is it because they think the very act of making the commitment makes them look better in the eyes of the people they later will let down — and do they think those people will not notice when they then blow off obligations as though they were impositions?

Second Question: Why do some people expect to be rewarded for tasks they only COMMITTED to doing, but never actually DID? Do they truly believe they did anything at all to merit accolades (i.e. are they totally deluded) or do they simply think that the rewards will come if their names are merely listed somewhere as the person in charge — or if they are persuasive enough in claiming credit — or persistent enough in whining about being unappreciated?

Third Question: When you ask people to participate in selecting a good time for an activity, why do they fail to respond at ALL, and then after a time and date have been set how can they blithely state that the chosen time and date are inconvenient for them? This, knowing that the date and time probably would not have been selected had they said that in the first place when they were ASKED?

Fourth Question: Why do people take offices in an organization if they have no real intention of attending officers’ meetings, of doing their required reports, or of doing anything at all to fulfill the duties of those offices? Do they really think no one is going to notice and to resent it?

Fifth Question: Why do people ask other people to host parties or workshops they have no real intention of attending or supporting?

Sixth Question: Why would anyone think that none of these things are important?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, because I’m not the sort of person to blow off obligations without VERY GOOD REASONS, and without feeling the need to give advance notice and subsequent apology.

Are you? Just checking. If you are, feel free to answer my questions. PLEASE?

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