I Think I’ll Have a Glass of Whine

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November 19, 2019 by phicks2012

We all WHINE from time to time. I know I do when I get really frustrated with other people and cannot understand their motivations and rationale for behaving as they do.

Example Whine #1: Why the hell did (gender neutral pronoun) pester me to a)have a party, b)host a workshop, or c)participate in a fund-raiser when he/she/they really had no real, or firm (or at least non-fluid) intention of attending, let alone of helping out?

Example Whine #2: Why the BLOODY hell do people volunteer to hold offices (SCA or mundane) they really have no talent for and no true intention of conducting properly — or even adequately? Credit and accolades? Power and wealth and social perks? Yeah, probably.

Example Whine #3: Why in God’s name do people rush to the polls to elect idiots, sociopaths and outright crooks?

Example Whine #4: Why can some people get away with constantly laying claim to the hard work of others (while doing basically nothing themselves) and then get rewarded and widely praised for work they did not do — and with shifting the blame for their own failures and bad choices so effectively and consistently onto the hapless shoulders of others?

Yeah, those are my primary WHINES, and I’ll own them. I also sometimes whine about a)not having the financial wherewithal to afford things like immediate car repairs, household repairs, and desired improvements, b)crazy rental tenants, and c)housemates who mess with the thermostats and run the utility bills sky high when they aren’t helping to pay them. CRAZY housemates also come into the equation, but fortunately I don’t have any of those just presently, and have the former nut-jobs blocked on my cell phone. 😉

I’ve also known, and know people who persistently whine (not just complain from time to time) about health issues (that may or may not even exist). Bi-polar disorder does exist, and I’ve known people who genuinely had/have it, but I sometimes think bi-polar has gotten to be one of those trendy things to be if you want an excuse to be unreliable, or volatile and high-maintenance. Fibromyalgia does exist, but I’ve known people who claimed to have it simply to get out of doing anything remotely useful — but were perfectly capable (and at the drop of a hat) of doing even strenuous activities that they enjoyed. Harrumph and BS.

I’ve also known, and know people who are struggling financially. Hell, I’ve had my own issues, but I’ve known, and know, people who were just constantly begging for money and/or expecting outright charity without offering anything at all in return.

When my personal problems result from my own bad life-choices I do TRY not to repeat those. However, I know people who just make one bad choice after another while constantly trying to play upon the sympathies of others by whining about how badly life has treated them. Folks, not EVERYTHING bad is someone else’s fault.

It’s also a fact that some people always seem to manage to get credit for the efforts of others, while doing very little themselves. I think we ALL whine a little about that, because it’s simply unfair. All of the credit for a successful undertaking should never go to anyone who simply dipped his or her oar into the water once (and briefly) while others were rowing hard to cross the river.

So what are YOUR whines? Vintage and Type optional. 😉

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