Say It With Plants?

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November 5, 2019 by phicks2012

I like natural things. I prefer natural fabrics like linen, cotton, silk and wool, and whole fruits and juices as opposed to artificially flavored powdered fruit drinks. I also like natural vegetables that taste like what they are,

I realize that becoming Vegan is currently trendy, but there also seems to be a trend lately toward merchandising products by advertising them as “made with plants”.

Plant Butter? Excuse me, but margarine has long been made primarily with corn oil, and corn (correct me if I’m wrong) is a “plant”. I’ve also long seen margarine made with olive oil and even avocado oil, and those too (again correct me if I err) are “Plants”.

“Butter” (the real sort) is a dairy product, but margarine is not, and I’ve yet to taste any non-dairy product that I could ever have confused with real butter — or, for that matter, any processed cheese product that really compared in any remotely favorable way to real cheese — which is why I do not hit the drive-through and order cheeseburgers. I also, by the way, refuse to eat powdered instant mashed potatoes.

Plant-based Beef & Chicken products are currently also being widely advertised. I do not plan ever to try these, and do not believe that the paddies used can “taste like Beef or Chicken” without the addition of flavoring additives that I probably do not want to ingest. A little research tells me that such products include some 22 ingredients including coconut oil, an item with more saturated fat than butter or lard. Most food experts seem to classify the burgers and paddies as a “sometimes” item, meaning they can be healthy enough to eat on occasion as a substitute for real beef or chicken — but since I have absolutely NO interest in ingesting something like this when the natural food is available….well screw THAT.

Just because something is a plant doesn’t mean it’s good for me. Deadly Nightshade, Oleander, Foxglove and Hemlock are plants, and every “veggie burger” I’ve ever tried has tasted totally unappetizing, if not nasty. Furthermore, I will refrain from telling you exactly what a meat-free diet does to my system.

For the Vegans out there, and those with food allergies, I’m glad they have options (of a sort), but I just have no interest personally in artificiality. If I want something that tastes like beef, I’ll eat beef. If I want something that tastes like Chicken, I’ll eat chicken — or one of the hundred other meats that supposedly “taste like chicken”. I want my vegetables to taste like vegetables, and my fruits to taste like fruits, and my herbs to taste like herbs too.

So give me natural goods and flavors and foods every time. PLEASE!!!

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