Silly Hats & Face-Paint

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October 18, 2019 by phicks2012

College Football!!! My Game. Regalia, stickers, flags, silly hats, jerseys and face-paint.

I’m a football fan — American Football, and specifically the College variety.

I grew up with it. My first football memory was sitting on a quilt on the grass (virtually in the end zone) with my family as a small child and almost getting run over when a touchdown was scored. Then, I was in the High School Marching Band at home for 4 years before going away to school in the 10th grade. If the chronology makes no sense, consider that they needed musicians and I was inducted into the high school band in the 6th grade when there were no band uniforms really small enough for me — and when alterations and suspenders were absolutely necessary.

That meant I went to each and every high school football game, and while, after that, my new high school barely even had sports at all (volleyball & field hockey and both intramural) I remained a football fan and instead started watching College football on the tiny little portable TV I kept secreted in the closet of my dorm room.

For college I went to the University of Georgia, so I probably have no desperate need to inform anyone that football games there were (and are) a BIG DEAL. I even rushed over the stand in line a few times to ring The Bell after team victories. I missed a few out-of-town games, but never any home games, and after I graduated I had season tickets until the prices went up more than I easily (or reasonably) could afford at the time — or, let’s face it, even now.

I was sitting in the Superdome (with Notre Dame fans — long back-story) when Georgia beat Notre Dame for the national Championship in 1980, and I’ve been to rather a LOT of Bowl Games over the years, but even when I stopped going regularly to the games I continued to watch them on TV — or (failing that) to listen to them on the radio — and I still do.

That having been said, I’m not normally a superstitious person. Really! But when it comes to UGA football games I find that I have a number of superstitious habits.

1) I always wear the school colors on game days if I can, even if I’m at an SCA event and attired in garb. I also go to great lengths NOT to wear any of the opposing teams colors.

2) I have, and use, all sorts of team paraphernalia during the day of the game. That might mean a team visor, a team coffee cup or drinking vessel, a team jersey, and even occasionally eye black. I might also paint my nails red, or put a sticker on my face. Yep.

3) I have been known to drink only red juice or Koolaid. Yeah, I know that sounds excessive, but then It seems to be something I catch myself doing without thinking.

4) I will occasionally force my cat into a red bandanna — especially when we play Auburn, Missouri, or Kentucky. Unnatural, I suppose, but still….;-)

I do not paint my body, and dance around woofing, but then we all have to draw the line somewhere, right? I’d probably follow the Falcons more too if they weren’t so predictably disappointing — but this year they’ve won what? One game out of Six despite some really extraordinary talent? What are we going for? The next number one draft pick?

Enough said! Setting aside my team gear for THIS weekend.

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