Call Blocking Technology vs. Reality

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October 4, 2019 by phicks2012

Okay, there just HAS to be a reliable way to block nuisance callers, short of hunting them down and fire-bombing their call centers. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet discovered that method.

I have Nomo-Robo on my home phone, and as far as I can tell it has never stopped a single Robo-Call. I finally had to install a Sentry Call Blocking box that blocks literally everything (except the numbers I’ve programmed in). With any other number (at all) the phone rings once and they get a recorded message telling them either to get out of my life or press Zero to leave a message that will allow them to request to be added to my allowed callers list. Robo-callers won’t do the latter, so I can dodge them that way, but if anyone else tries to contact me on that number they need to jump through more than a few hoops to do so. Sorry, but self-preservation is now paramount.

I have HIYA on my cell, and it blocks some, but definitely not all of these reprobates. I also have Robokiller, but I’m not sure that’s stopped a single Robo-call either. Maybe it has. Hard to tell though, since I’m now refusing to answer any calls to that phone that don’t pop up with a name I recognize on Caller ID. I know I could stack more Apps, but I don’t think I’ll be counting on other applications (that may not work any better) to do the job they promise either — especially if I have to pay for them.

Frustrated, I called my service provider, as well as the happy folks at Apple, to ask for hints, hoping for a miracle. Yeah. Unfortunately, there’s no real answer, because these scammers and call centers are just ruthless, and without the slightest trace of moral fiber. They spoof the phone numbers of innocent bystanders to get you to answer and wouldn’t remove your number from their list on a BET.

I’m on the National Do Not Call List, but that doesn’t faze these people either, even though I report every single call. They just won’t stop, and now I have a former nut-job housemate who wants to move back in — NOT IN THIS LIFETIME — and is now going around to the houses of other people in her town calling me from different numbers. I assume she’s doing this because I blocked her number when she wouldn’t take “No” or even “Hell No!” for an answer and kept calling me back to argue.

Anyway, I asked Apple if it was possible to block all calls from a particular town, but apparently that can’t be done, so I guess I’ll eventually wind up blocking everyone in her general vicinity individually. Surely not everyone in her town can be persuaded to let her use their phones to harass me though! It has to stop SOMEwhere. Right?

So can anyone recommend a call blocker for my cell phone that will actually come close to stopping these people? If so, PLEASE let me know!

If you are an IT or Programming Geek looking for something to invent — please consider creating an App for cell phones that will do for my IPhone what that Sentry Call Blocker does for my home phone!!!


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