Something’s Rotten in the State of My Window

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October 1, 2019 by phicks2012

I noticed about eight months ago that the top board on one of my living room windows was showing water damage. I had no idea where the water was getting in, so we sealed around the window, but that didn’t stop it.

We next checked the threshold on the door to the balcony above it, but that didn’t do it either, and I finally realized that water was coming in around my chimney. CRAP!

So, a six months ago I finally found a roofing company willing to fix the leak. Trust me, when your eaves are 40-feet off the ground and your roof has a 50-degree slant a lot of folks take one look and RUN. Finally, someone didn’t.

Of course, I had to take out a loan to do the work, because my insurance deductible was higher than the cost of the repairs, but the folks at KTM Roofing were utterly fearless! I hate to tell you how paranoid it made me to see their guys perched on the edge of the roof dangling their legs, but I finally did get it fixed. YES!!

Once that was done, Jason and I planned to replace the damaged board above the window, but when we got started we found that the roof leak had clearly been going on for a lot longer than I thought. There was rotten wood all around that window — above it, beside it, and under it, to the extent that in some places the joists were falling apart and we could see the inside of the stone exterior of the house. Yikes!!!

There was no damage in the basement. We knew that because the basement has no ceiling and Jason was able to crawl right up under the floor above to check it out. There was none in the attic, because the framing is all visible up there next to the chimney too, but I don’t yet know if there might be damage inside my bedroom wall between the attic and the living room. I’m hoping not!!

After I got several completely ridiculous phone estimates (thanks, Home Adviser), Jason swore he could do the repairs himself, and fortunately none of the damaged wall joists were load-bearing. However, just looking at the damage made me cringe.

The painful truth was that if I’d hired someone to do these repairs it would cost me more than fixing the roof leak did, so I decided to take a chance that he was right, and halfway through it looks as though that’s actually the case!

I didn’t mind buying lumber to replace the bad wood, and some fresh insulation — and we already had a pile of sheet rock up in the attic, and sheet rock mud, and a gallon of paint. The total for materials ought to be (after all is said and done) in the $200 range, so I can save multiple THOUSANDS of dollars if he can do all of the work — and I’ve seen him repair (and very well) other things I would otherwise have had to shell out big bucks to have dealt with.

The custom mill-work guy who is duplicating the ruined window threshold seems to think that will be easily (and not too expensively) handled (thanks, Mark), and it turned out that he was the guy who originally built my staircases back in the 1990s. Small world, huh?

In any case, wish us luck with the task at hand, and that we can finish the work up with nothing collapsing (including my bank account)! So far, so good!! The work is only about 1/4 done so far, but what’s been done is solid even if Jason IS likening the job to the reconstruction of Notre Dame. 😉

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