“The Dreaming Pool”

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September 10, 2019 by phicks2012

I wrote the verse below for no real reason. The idea simply came to me, and once it did I couldn’t seem to stop until it had taken on a form that was at least “passable”. I plan to include it in an issue of our monthly SCA, The Equinox as well, but (for what it’d worth) here it is.


The Dreaming Pool

Within a wood where eldritch spells were worn
Upon the curving boughs of oak and beech,
And where the elder mysteries were born
And hovered shimmering, just out of reach,
Once, deep within a coruscating glen
There lay a crystal pool, halcyon, deep
And magical, where dreaming could begin
Without the sweet oblivion of sleep.

Twas said that if this wellspring could be found
The pure of heart could bring their trials there
And cast them in to sink without a sound,
And have a dream that they had lost somewhere
Returned to them, on incandescent wings.
So it was told in otherworldly tales,
Wherein the nightingale by starlight sings
And ships catch moonlight in their silken sails.

And thus a Lady stood, her hair unbound
Upon the mossy velvet bank alone,
And bowed her head, and silver teardrops down
O’er withered cheeks fell soft to kiss the stones.
Into the pool she cast her long regret
That she had lost both lasting love and youth,
And grieved a lover she could not forget
Who never had returned, and mourned the truth.

She dreamed within her sundered heart a dream
Of hearts rejoined and passion’s kisses sweet;
Of pleasures lost to time’s relentless stream
Reclaimed, when lovers ardent lips might meet,
And from the pool arose aloft a mist
That gathered her into it’s soft embrace,
And with a magic she could not resist
Did ease her heart and smooth her timeless face.

And as she made her way beyond the wood
To where the sunlight on the meadow shone
She heard the robin’s song, and understood
That dreams could come, though she remained alone.
She had not left all sadness, or regret,
Within the dreaming pool; within the glen,
But she had more to treasure than forget,
And time to measure how to love again.

02 August, A.S. LIV (2019)

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