Party Pooping?

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August 30, 2019 by phicks2012

Pet Peave: We are taught to be gracious to guests. At least I was. Does the same not apply TO guests? I ask, because I have related questions.

1) Why do people pester their friends to host holiday parties and then (after the host has gone to a lot of trouble to prepare and to decorate, and probably also spent a fair amount of money) simply fail to show up, or bail at the eleventh hour for no acceptable reason? Note: these people have not been sucked into temporal vortices, or kidnapped by aliens for purposes of micro-chipping and anal probing. 😉

2) Why is it okay for them to promise to attend that party, and then accept another last minute invitation to go elsewhere — afterwards going on social media and posting a lot of pictures of what they did rather than honoring their commitment to be at the gathering they pestered their friend to host? NOTE: The change of plans does not involve brainwashing or blackmail threats.

3) Why, when a prospective host asks repeatedly if people have a date they’d prefer for a get-together do they fail to respond, and then later excuse their absence by saying the date was inconvenient for them — especially when it probably wasn’t inconvenient for them when the date was set in the first place, but only BECAME inconvenient when they later decided they preferred to do something else? NOTE: No real elaboration and no caveats needed here, because it’s pretty obvious that unless they know in advance that they are going to be hauled into an emergency room via speeding ambulance or fall into a coma there IS no vaid excuse.

4) Why, when people have been sent repeated reminders of an occasion, can they fail to show and then try to use the excuse of “Oh, I forgot”? NOTE: Alzheimer’s is pretty much the only acceptable excuse for this one, though brain injury or trauma-induced amnesia might also work.

Apparently all of those things ARE okay. That’s why, when people repeatedly ask me — and I was asked again only recently, a fact which prompted this quasi-rant — why I no longer host Halloween or New Year’s Eve Parties I say “Because it’s a lot of trouble to prepare for one when the very people who badger me to host them don’t bother to show up”.

I’m kind of touchy that way, and my Mama raised me better than to do things like that, so I’m guessing their Mamas (assuming they’re not still among the living) have been doing a bit of turning in their graves from time to time. Mine would have come back to haunt me, and I have to wonder if she might want to relieve some afterlife boredom (assuming there is any) by haunting a few other people. Hmmmmmmm. If so, I can furnish her with a list. 😉

In any case, No More Holiday Parties until 1) mind Control becomes practical, 2) they invent a portable electro-shock gizmo that administers an effective jolt to anyone failing to abide by their commitments, or 3) I amass a sufficient cadre of reliable people who can actually be counted on to show up.

I’m working on the final option, so you just never know. 😉

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