Memories, Ogres and Multigrain Oreos


August 24, 2019 by phicks2012

Today we laid to rest and old friend from years gone by — a lot more years than seem possible, but that’s a “perception thing”.

I met Brian as a teenager (him, not me, even if I would love to lie about that) as part of a gaming group. He was a regular, along with a lot of other great folks, at my Hobby Store in years gone by, and for a while he was also active with the SCA. He was very active in NERO and INGRESS as well, both live Role Playing groups, and he was a son, a brother, an uncle, and a friend. He was a big teddy bear of a man, and now that he has gone there are a lot of tales to tell. He’d love that, and wouldn’t care at all that a few of them were just a bit “interesting”.

A number of us were able to make it to his memorial service, and to the natural interment of his ashes, today, but it was more in keeping with a celebration of his life that a bunch of us adjourned afterwards to The Celtic Tavern in Conyers, GA to (as one miscreant put it) laugh and tell tales.

Ohhhhh, and there were a lot of tales and laughter, which was exactly the way Brian would have wanted it! He was lost far too soon, but we should all, when our time comes, be so fondly remembered by those we leave behind, and have our memory evoke smiles and laughter.

Rest in Peace Brian Townsend.

2 thoughts on “Memories, Ogres and Multigrain Oreos

  1. Lynn Sellars says:

    Sorry for the loss of your friend

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