North to Dahlonega!

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August 9, 2019 by phicks2012

Let me start right off by saying that I did not graduate from High School in my home town, but that most of that particular graduating class was comprised of people I’d known since 1st grade or even Kindergarten. I went away to high school for a variety of reasons — none of them involving truancy, pregnancy, or avoiding jail time — and I was actually in college with some of the same folks. But, then again, there were rather a LOT of people I hadn’t (until recently) seen since the 9th grade, and that’s altogether frightening!! 😉

I am NOT going to tell you just how incalculably long ago that was, because, frankly, I intend to lie about my age until they make it a felony. However, suffice it to say that a “few years” have passed — enough to make a few people unrecognizable, while others could still be identified in a stampede.

In any case, my “real” graduating class recently had a formal reunion that (while I would have liked to see a few of the people I graduated with) I decided NOT to attend based upon the way it was set up and planned: Garden Party, dainty petit fours, white dresses and large floppy hats more or less required. To blend in I would have had to buy clothing I’d probably never wear again in this lifetime. No offense, but if I wanted to dress up in that manner I’d just attend the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, or Belmont Stakes. 😉 Then I could at least watch the horses run!

On the other hand, my “would-have-been” graduating class back home recently started having far less pretentious bi-monthly (in this case meaning “every two months”) reunions at a local tavern, and created a Facebook Group to coordinate these gatherings, and to reestablish contact with people/alumni of the same vintage. Pretty cool. No white dresses and floppy hats involved, and not a petit four in the equation!

In any case, I was contacted and invited to join in, even though (as I said before) I didn’t actually graduate with them. I wasn’t sure it was entirely ethical to pose as a local “Class of <mumblemumblemumble> Alumnus” when I didn’t technically qualify, but I was intrigued and (ultimately) too greatly tempted to pass up the opportunity.

I wondered who I would recognize, and whether they would recognize me, but as it turned out everybody said they knew who I was immediately. Hey! I’m taking that as a good thing, in that I haven’t deteriorated past all recognition — and at my <undisclosed> age, that’s a definite positive!!

We met at the Whistlepost Tavern in June, and it was great! Not everyone in the Facebook group could come, of course, but a few did, and it was really nice to reconnect. There will be another reunion lunch later this month in August, and in the meanwhile we planned a group road trip on August 7th to The Smith House in Dahlonega. Awesome!! Food, too!!

For those unable to join us for our infamous road trip to the Smith House in Dahlonega, and to the world in general, be it known to all that fun was definitely had! I totally blew my Weight Watchers points for the day, but even our lone male hostage (talking to YOU, Sid) might not have missed his golf game “quite” as much as he expected to! Good food. Lots and lots of laughter — especially in OUR vehicle — fudge and olive oil shopping (not expecting the two to be used together, but gastronomic tastes do differ), and navigational adventures just to spice things up!

So far not a one of the people who worked so tirelessly to make my life difficult while I was still in school locally — and we all have known some of those, right? — have reared their heads, and while the same is true of some of the folks I was closest to we just can’t have everything, can we? Never happens!!

I’m looking forward to the next lunch meeting though, and to learning more about how people have changed — or remained the same. In my lifetime I’ve discovered that some people who would have benefited hugely from changing with maturity do so — while some unfortunately stay the same (alas!) or go in the other direction. I’ve also found that some people we thought were really cool growing up still are — while others seemingly put their personalities on mothballs decades ago and just never took them out again. Sad, but true.

Time passes, right? I’m hoping that if I’ve changed people will think it’s for the better. Maybe they will. In any case, it’s certainly been long enough for changes (not just in our looks) to be evident, and for some of us to be unable to tell some of the players without a score card. 😉

Note: This has NOTHING to do with failing eyesight or faltering memory, by the way. I swear! My glasses are mostly for reading, and I can still sing my Kindergarten Song 😉 BTW, so can Joanna!

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