Getting Ready for Fun!


July 26, 2019 by phicks2012

It’s been an interesting last few days! I’ve been preparing for guests, because I’m hosting a weekend gathering for my SCA Household — a bunch of terrific and highly entertaining people — and am glad to say that the deed is finally done!

A little Spring Cleaning, albeit in summer — and a little reshuffling, because a new housemate didn’t seem to understand that the single remaining guestroom was not a “storage facility” and piled it up with boxes and Rubbermaids. A little rearranging, because the sofa bed in the basement couldn’t be opened up with a motorcycle in the way — and a little shopping and cooking for tasty viands to serve to my guests. A little laundry, and a little foolishness (the last is obligatory). All done now!! YES!!!

Well, actually, the foolishness never ends, but who’d want THAT? 😉

Now I’m simply looking forward the everyone showing up tomorrow! We have a schedule of sorts, but I’m enjoying going on-line and adding things to the schedule like “Live Moat-Beastie Mud-Wrestling” and announcements that one of the combatants’ wrestling costume will be “Lorica Segmentata and a Sombrero”. No one has yet indicated that he or she will be masked in the manner of Lucha Libre wrestlers, but hope springs eternal!

Some new comic strips are already BEGGING to be drawn, and after the weekend, I’ll doubtless have TONS of new material. That’s how it works with this crowd, and I LOVE IT!

I also love it that most of the members of the household (if not all) either committed to being here, or let me know they couldn’t AND had good excuses! That makes getting ready for the weekend even BETTER!

So wish us amazing fun, and spectacular levity!!!

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Fun!

  1. Lynn sellars says:

    So how did the weekend go? Were you pleased. Just how many regular house guests do you have lol?

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