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July 23, 2019 by phicks2012

I came to realize years ago that when one opts to watch daytime TV there are not many choices of intelligent programming, aside from the Science Channel, and that the commercials seem to range mostly (if you ignore the ads for various types of senior citizens insurance and reverse mortgages) between offering the Legal Services of Ambulance Chasers and ads promoting drugs with so many potential side-effects that they are almost worse than the ailments (many of which I’ve never heard of) they propose to treat. Have you noticed that they further confuse you by giving all of them acronyms? So, what is “Bashful Bladder Syndrome” anyway, and are you old enough (as I am) to remember when a BBS was an on-line (pre-Facebook and almost anything else) “Bulletin Board”?

The attorneys always promise clients the settlements they (buzzword) “deserve” — and, let’s face it, some people don’t “deserve” a dime, so the shysters are home free regardless, right? The lawyers also imply that huge settlements are the norm, and appeal in a very transparent manner to personal greed, encouraging people to file what may very well be bogus and nuisance class action lawsuits if they have ever had even remote contact with <insert product name here>, and leading people to believe that they will rake in huge mounds of cash if they participate. Well, I’m sure the lawyers rake it in anyway.

The drugs (and there are gazillions of them) have litanies of side-effects up to and including DEATH for drugs treating even minor problems equivalent to hang-nails, and that certainly makes ME want to rush right out and ask my physician if they might be “right for me”! *Note* No drug will treat the humor impaired, so if you failed to recognize the sarcasm in that statement I cannot recommend a treatment, real or imagined. If there WERE a drug being advertised to treat humor impairment though, you can bet the side effects would involve things like hair loss, flatulence, blindness, genital boils, tooth loss, and death by gumba.

BUT, if any of these drugs kill you, I’m sure the lawyers will be glad to take the case and get your surviving relatives the settlements they “deserve”.

Just sayin’.


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