“Waiting Gardens”

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July 12, 2019 by phicks2012

Some things, and people, you just don’t “get over”. The person about whom this is written is highly unlikely ever to see it, or to have given me a passing thought for many years, but you never know.


Waiting Gardens

Long, long ago when my garden blazed golden
When, asters sparked crimson and roses blushed red,
When violets royal gazed up in the sunlight,
And lilies rose nodding their glorious heads.

When rainbows arched over a world wildly blooming,
And sunsets were hung like divine works of art,
We loved in the summer, our spring follies over,
And waking winds sung when I gave you my heart.

At first blush of Autumn I told you I loved you,
Believing in magic I never had known;
That lilacs would blossom in glory there ever,
In radiant gardens my spirit called home.

But close by the forests where rivers ran silver,
With trees rising tall, wearing flames in their hair
You plucked the last rose and departed forever,
To leave me alone and inconsolate there.

I loved you, and knew that my love would not falter,
But you chose the uncharted woodland instead,
While I stood alone staring into the forest
And bellflowers withered, and lowered their heads.

And now it is winter, my garden is faded,
No roses, nor rainbows, nor dream-webs to spin,
Unless you return, with the forest’s thrall broken,
I know that it never will blossom again.

27 June, A.S. LIV (2019)


Also to be published in The Equinox, the monthly newsletter for the SCA Shire of Sol Haven.

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