July 2, 2019 by phicks2012

Yeah, yeah, I know I bitch sometimes in my BLOG. Ever and again however, I just have to expound upon the stupidities, idiocies, and general absurdity of life, and of my life experiences in general. I just can’t seem to help it. 😉

I do try to maintain some semblance of humor whilst lambasting, though, because out-and-out carping gets old faster than fish left overnight in July in an SUV, and people who make a career of drama, and aren’t in the acting profession, send me scurrying for cover quicker than a tornado warning.

Both conservative and liberal rants on-line — and I’ve yet to see a Libertarian rant, though I might just be missing them — have actually been remotely educational, if generally libelous, in that they’ve taught me the creative use of the “Hide all from…..” command on Facebook. However, if every time I speak to a particular individual he or she spouts a litany of complaints, and no humor, then I rarely can find anything truly useful about that. I mean, I already KNOW how to let calls go to voicemail, where message length is blissfully limited, right?

I used to find myself subjected to social media posts from a particular individual (note how I tactfully fail to narrow that down with any reference even to gender) who never sent out anything but “Poor Me” posts. It was always “I’m sick again and can’t afford the medicine I need”…”I’m going to get evicted because I’ve been missing work due to illness and can’t pay my rent”…”I don’t have anything to wear to work because I’m broke”…”I can’t visit my family and friends unless someone will give me a ride or pay my air fare, because I have no car”. There was literally ALWAYS a virtual hand out asking for money, and no indication that any realistic effort was being made to correct the problem, and while I’m a sympathetic person by nature I’ll have to state that I am not registered as a charitable organization. I may help out once or twice, but if the “need” is never-ending my inclination is going to be to stop reading their posts and just refer the perpetual victim to either Goodwill or Dr. Phil.

If a friend calls or posts to share that they’re thinking of retaliating against their sticky-fingered co-workers by putting “Jellied Moose Nose” in the office refrigerator, or that they’re starving to death in “Vegan Hell” and need venison immediately, then I can laugh and suggest other noxious food items (real or invented, because I don’t think “Fried Roach Nipples” are possible) to slip into the office frig, or offer to ship them a chicken via Fedex.

If a friend just wants to bitch a bit, but isn’t expecting me to really do anything about their problem except listen and maybe offer (tongue-in-cheek) to whip their boss’ ass, then that’s great, and even entertaining!!

If a friend really does need help then I’m cool with that too, as long as they’re normally self-sufficient, reciprocate when necessary, and comprehend the definition of the words “gross imposition”. Asking for a lift to pick up their newly repaired vehicle or to-or-from the hospital is fine. Expecting me to drive them to Walmart at 2am just to “hang out”, or all over the state to check out random cheesy yard sales and/or hide a body is NOT.

So I’ll continue to bitch when the impulse becomes irresistible, but I promise that I’ll also make every reasonable effort to find some modicum of humor in whatever it is I’m bitching about. I promise. Scout’s Honor and Pinky-Swear. 😉

3 thoughts on “Bitchability

  1. Catylyn Wen says:

    I thought we agreed to help each other hide bodies… wasn’t it part of the peer/associate relationship thing? 😉🙂😂

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