Braving the Heat

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May 22, 2019 by phicks2012

So, a in late May of 2018 I was bored.

I didn’t feel like leaving the house, because, frankly, while we’d enjoyed a blessedly cool spring up to that point the temperature had inched its insidious way to 90º and my house (even without air-conditioning) was a good 15º cooler. Thick walls will do that.

I was way ahead on newsletters and comic strips, I wasn’t in the mood for hunching over a sewing machine, the plan was to wait until later (like in the evening) to do on-line heraldic commentary, and it was Mother’s Day, so nearly everyone else was involved with treating their maternal parents to meals, gifts, and quality time. My own mother being long gone, that was not, unfortunately for me, an option, nor was escaping to the cool of the Swiss Alps, so my afternoon wasn’t looking all that promising or entertaining.

I could have gone to Archery & Live Weapons Practice, and in fact I really had intended to do so, but while I do love propelling sharp pointy objects toward semi-distant targets in the company of congenial friends, when I walked outside into the sun my energy abruptly flagged and my subconscious mind went into overdrive trying to figure out valid reasons to retreat inside yet again.

The “Top Three” (in no particular order) were 1) I had no hat and no sunscreen, 2) I knew I had almost no gas in my vehicle, and 3) Sweaty is not my best look, even assuming I still have a “best look”.

At the time, I still had nearly two hours before I’d have to leave for that anyway though, so I started flipping through channels, and discovered to my dismay (though certainly not to my shock) that I was finding nothing I wanted (even remotely) to watch on TV that I hadn’t already seen. I told myself “Well, it’s the weekend and nothing good is EVER scheduled for weekends at this time of year — ” but to tell the truth, between an endless round of bad reality TV and infomercials, weekdays and weeknights aren’t much better, then or now, so who was I actually kidding? 😉

Semi-desperate, I tried for sports, because those are usually diverting even when I don’t normally follow the sport itself, but I wound up initially with the ITU Men’s Elite Triathon from Yokohama, Japan. Not to knock the competitors, but, while I very much respect athletic prowess, watching painfully skinny men run somehow failed to achieve the desired results. I discovered, though I probably knew this already, that I do not enjoy watching really skinny men doing — well, anything. Probably why, despite his acting talent, I am not really a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch.

So I changed the channel to a Braves vs. Marlins game because, as athletes go, baseball players look a whole lot healthier than runners do and baseball is a lot more interesting, in itself, to watch. Baseball players, I’ve noticed, have arms and legs bigger around than their bats and don’t look as though a good stiff wind might snap them in half.

After that, I passed on PBA Bowling, Auto Racing, and The Players Golf Tourney, and rushed right on by “Celebrity Wife Swap”, “Bitchin’Rides”, and about ten incarnations of “Real Housewives”. Speed is needed there lest your TV hang up on one of those, and Basketball Wives is only a sport if —well, NEVER.

I probably should have braved the heat and gone to Archery where I’d at least have been able to socialize, even while sweating, with people I like. In addition, if I didn’t start re-acclimating to the heat I knew I was going to be very sorry come July, August and September. However, in the meanwhile, I decided to look into buying stock in a fan company and dreaming fondly of Fall and Winter.

So, here it is a year later — almost exactly — and once again we’re inching into a heat wave. I have a camping event this weekend, and the weather Gods are promising us temperatures in the high 90s, so I’ll undoubtedly be doing a lot of sweating if I can’t manage to set up in the shade.

Oh well, at least with Jason at home I won’t have to worry about the animals, or resort to watching skinny marathoners, right? 😉

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