“Just Imagine”

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May 7, 2019 by phicks2012

This BLOG did not start out as a showcase for my poetry. A friend just thought I ought to do a BLOG. But not long after I started there came a day when I really had nothing much to say, and I inserted one of my poems.

Amazingly (to me at least) I immediately gained a number of likes and of new followers!! WOW! My verse was actually a PLUS! Who knew?

But, I realized the other day that my blog has not lately featured as much of my original poetry — probably because real life has been rearing it’s unattractive cranium a bit too often, leading me in other directions and to other pursuits.

Not that I haven’t been doing anything creative, mind you! If I don’t embrace creativity in some form I tend to get fidgety and cranky.

So, the other night a verse started coming to me in my sleep, and I kept waking up, or getting up, to write it down. Every time I’d start to drift back to sleep again something would pop into my head, and I’d find myself thinking “if I don’t make note of this right now I’m likely to forget it”. That sort if thing doesn’t, as you might imagine, lead to sound sleep.

So here it is. The sleep-Chaser (and I might well do a poem by that name soon). It will appear soon in our SCA Shire Newsletter “The Equinox” as well, but you’ll see it first. 😉

Just Imagine

Rise with an open heart, and fecund mind.
Then just imagine all that life could be
With bland and plaintive ennui left behind,
Within the realm of creativity.

There music may a thousand colors wear,
And hopes be pinned upon a silken sleeve;
Imaginings the shades of dream may share,
And melodies have wings if we believe.

When the imagination can take flight
And sail upon the iridescent seas
Of inspiration and of heart’s delight,
The spirit touches immortality.

Then ride a rainbow o’er a sleeping land
To where the mists of reason evanesce
And forests of imagination stand,
To mountaintops where dreams may coalesce.

And catch the tail of a descending star
To burn a path that fate cannot foresee.
Or touch the moon, and hurry from afar,
To etch that fervid fall in memory

For when our soul-born visions winged rise
And from our earthbound parity take wing,
Then life may wear a phosphorescent guise,
And truths arise from just imagining.

30 March, A.S. LIII (2019)

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