Flat Out

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March 22, 2019 by phicks2012

SO! On my way home from Midwinter Arts & Sciences  (an SCA event) on a Saturday night in mid-February, driving in a middle lane, I had a blow-out on I-20 East. Of course I slowed down — I mean, I was immediately driving on the rim — and tried to get over onto the shoulder, but cars kept blaring their horns and passing me on the right (because sometimes people are as***les).

I finally got The Beast pulled over, but the paved shoulder was narrow, The Beast is wide, and I couldn’t get far enough away from the right lane to open the driver’s side door without having it slammed into by a speeding driver.

I tried calling a couple of my Proteges, but they either were in a restaurant or on their way home via a different route, so I didn’t want to drag them away from their supper or their preferred route, and decided to call AAA.

Now, I’m accustomed to waiting a WHILE in cases like this, but within 10 minutes a very nice (if very young-looking) guy appeared and changed my tire out for the spare. Luckily, the flat was on the right rear where he could get to it without risking near certain death, and I considered myself to be incredibly lucky…

…until I started to drive away and heard something clanging. At that point I convinced myself that it was the tire tools settling in the back of my SUV, and I got home okay, but on Sunday morning when I needed to go to the dollar store I noticed that the tire tool used to crank down the under-the-car mounted spare was still sticking out of the back of my car — from where it could EASILY have fallen out and hit another vehicle — and that the cable used to crank the spare back up under the car was still dangling and on the ground where it was probably kicking up sparks all the way home from the event the night before. In addition, apparently the AAA guy had not checked the tire pressure in my spare, which had only 15 psi in it.

Everything is now replaced (new tire, because the old one was totally SHREDDED), tires all properly inflated, spare properly mounted, and tire tool stowed away, but this morning I got to listen the Jason rant for at least 10 minutes on the slovenly and shoddy job done by AAA, and on how they could easily have caused another wreck.

Sadly, as nice and as prompt and as friendly as that driver was, Jason was right. The heavy iron tool could have fallen out of the socket on the back of my car and hit another driver, my under-inflated spare could have blown out, and I’m sure I was leaving a trail of sparks all the way home.

I guess I’m going to have to call AAA and say something, huh?

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