Shire! Shire! for March

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March 19, 2019 by phicks2012

Long ago, about seventeen years ago, in the historic year of 2002, I discovered that had an empty half-page to fill in our local SCA Newsletter, The Equinox. I couldn’t think of anything to go in that space, so a friend quickly drew a comic panel making sport of someone else in our Shire — someone who fortunately didn’t mind. When the same problem recurred the following month, I went to the former artist again, but ALAS! She said one comic was all she had in her.

I tried to convince others in my Shire to contribute something — ANYthing!! However, to my chagrin (if not to my utter amazement), and in spite of many vigorous attempts to browbeat, shame and guilt-trip other people, I was unable to persuade a single person to contribute anything at all to fill that space. Finally, realizing that my powers of persuasion simply were not up to the task, I myself drew a single-panel comic strip to fill the need, never dreaming that I’d still be drawing comic strips in 2019.

Strangely, because I still enjoy it, somehow I am still doing just that, and because I continue to be presented with humorous inspiration this is probably going to continue. I’m also now doing two other comic strips — one called “Antelope Tracks” for my SCA Household and another called “Heraldic Proceedings” to entertain fellow SCA Heralds. There is a bit of overlap in that a few comics get used in more than one strip, but since I am the “artist” I’m pretty sure I can give myself permission to do that, right??

Antelope Tracks is published to my household Facebook “Ty Gafrewig Wen” group twice a month on the 1st and 15th of every month, and quarterly in our Household Newsletter “The White Antelope” (a heraldic antelope being the primary charge on my SCA device or “coat of arms”). “Heraldic Proceedings” is published monthly to the Heraldrydiculous group (also on Facebook). In any case, I can only hope that all three will continue to earn the approval of readers and followers!

What follows are the Shire! Shire! strips included in the March Issue of The Equinox, and I hope some may enjoy them.

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