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March 12, 2019 by phicks2012

I’ve been doing Facebook for long enough now that — at least theoretically — I probably should have figured out by now how to do some fairly obvious things, but somehow that hasn’t always been the case.

For example, I’ve been grousing privately for some time now about the fact that 80-90% of the “Notifications” I was getting on Facebook were from the same less-than-handful of people, and that while a very few of their posts were really interesting, intriguing, or informative the vast majority of them were — well, of no compelling interest to me. Sadly, they really only served to lengthen my notifications list, and inevitably needed to be scrolled-through to get to notifications I might actually have wanted or needed to see. Sad, but true. I mean, I can only check out so many random memes and videos of screaming politicians anyway, right?

Now, it must be said that many of these were, and are, from friends of mine, and in some cases very good and old friends with whom I truly still want to keep in touch. I like knowing what is happening in their lives — I repeat “IN THEIR LIVES” — but I do not always agree with their political leanings and I have almost no interest in wading through dozens and dozens of re-posted rants, memes, or marginally cute animal videos that really have very little to do with them personally (and maybe less to do with me) every time I check my notifications.

So, I’d been idly wondering (and really doing nothing at all about it) how to limit the notifications scrolling by in such huge numbers from people I honestly did not want to unfriend. However, until the other day I simply didn’t manage to find the time, and the energy, and the motivation (all at the same time) to do the necessary research.

I’d tried “unfollowing”, but while that had dodged the spectre of “unfriending” and maybe stopped me from getting the actual posts to which the notifications pointed — well, let’s face it, posts scroll by so fast when you have a lot of friends that you miss most of them anyhow if you aren’t getting notifications. It didn’t, however, stop the notifications themselves, which I found strange, but then a lot of Facebook related rationale escapes me.

So, with that effort failed, I continued to experiment and eventually found out that notifications are sent to me only under certain circumstances. The big three are 1)Activity that involves me, like when someone tags me in a photo or comments on one of my posts, and 2)Birthdays of friends, and 3)Close Friends activity. The third was “the charm”.

When I went and checked, I discovered that the posters in question all were marked as “close friends” rather than as “friends”. Surprise!!! I didn’t have to “unfriend” or even to “unfollow” to solve my issue. I only had to change their designation from “close friends” to “friends”. WOW!!

I went instantly from getting nearly 250 notifications a day to getting maybe 30, and the difference was amazing!!!

Okay, so I’m still getting a few random-ass .gifs and memes that are theoretically supposed to be funny or entertaining, and somehow fail to achieve even moderate hilarity or interest. A few people are still sending me random pointless videos on Messenger, rarely making any sense to me — in that I can’t fathom why the sender would want to share them with anyone at all, and especially with me — but hey! If they suppose I might be entertained by a picture of a coffee mug imprinted with “I Love Coffee”, or an invitation to watch a live streaming of a Godsmack concert then more power (and delusion) to them, I guess.

Next I’ll start researching how to block videos on Messenger. I mean, there’s got to be a way, right? LOLOL

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