Up On The Roof


March 8, 2019 by phicks2012

I have a roof leak. Actually it’s apparently an issue with the flashing around the chimney, but the result is the same. When we have a really hard rain water gets in and drips down through the wall. It hasn’t done any structural damage yet that we’ve discovered, but I found out about it because it’s ruining an interior window frame.

Jason can fix nearly anything, but the sad fact is that we cannot get up onto my roof to check it out or to attempt repairs. It’s an accessibility, and safety (and fear) issue, so the other week I broke down and called a roofing company for an estimate.

Have you ever had a roofing company say “Sorry, but we can’t help you with this”? I did. Admittedly, the eaves on my house are — even at the lowest point — probably 24″ from the ground, and it turns out that my roof has a 50-degree slant. A fly or a gecko could stand on it, but not a human being — not safely, without rock-climbing gear, anyway. The guy took one look and practically turned pale.

As a result, I had no idea how — of even IF — a repair could be done, so I was really frustrated. I knew I’d rather not file an insurance claim, but was beginning to think that I might have to in order to find someone to fix the problem — assuming that would work. But there had to be SOME way to get the problem repaired, right?

So, I went on Facebook and asked for recommendations from friends, and there are some things Facebook can work very well for. Several friends (actual friends as opposed to merely Facebook “friends”), as it turned out, recommended the same company, and when I called them they came out and the guy didn’t bat an eye before telling me they could handle the job. No problem.

Of course, it would cost more thanks to the need for special safely equipment, and when I checked into the insurance angle the deductible on my homeowner’s policy was only a few hundred dollars less than the estimated repair cost — making an insurance claim a total waste of time. As a result, I’ve now had to take out a small home improvement loan (just when I was almost debt free, damn it) to cover the cost, but with luck my roof leak will soon be taken care of.

I’m hoping nothing else major will come along this year, because I’d really love not having monthly loan payments. DUH! I’m also hoping I won’t have any issues with the roofing company to report. Just once, please GOD let it be easy and straightforward!!!

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