“Winter Blessing”

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February 12, 2019 by phicks2012

I write poetry. Sometimes, it’s good. Sometimes it’s less inspired, but when it comes it comes, and I usually wind up publishing in in our monthly SCA newsletter, “The Equinox”. I also tend to include a fair amount of my work in this BLOG, because people actually seem to like it. 😉


The following is but a simple, short — and quickly cobbled together — verse inspired by the recent polar vortex wave of cold.


Winter Blessing

Through windows glazed with fracted frost
The land lies all in winter clad,
Icicle sleeved, with rime embossed.
Like knights in armor iron-clad.
The trees stand tall beneath their helms
Of gleaming ice and shining snow,
The guardians of icy realms
Where we in winter should not go.
We listen as the whistling winds
About our towers hungry howl,
And in our bosoms cherish friends
While zephyrs ‘neath the windows prowl.
And on each hearth a fire’s blaze
Brings warmth to every winter hall,
Where friendship waits for warmer days;
A winter blessing to us all.

02 February A.S. LIII 2019

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