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February 1, 2019 by phicks2012

When I get on Facebook there’s an incredibly high probability that my “Feed” will include (at any given time) at least one request/demand to share something that I find either totally pointless or probably bogus. I don’t know where people find these things, or why they so fondly imagine that anyone would really want to pass them on, but they just keep appearing, sort of like cat hair in corners. πŸ˜‰

I don’t do virtual chain-letters. I pass along posts that are really impressive or really funny, but not most of the things I’m asked or instructed to share, and NEVER posts that try to shame or guilt or threaten me into passing them on. Fortunately, most don’t use those tactics. They just aren’t interesting enough for me to want to share, or I’ve already gotten over a dozen copies of the same post ALL asking me to share them.

Admittedly, some of these posts are entertaining, but not enough for me to “share”. Some are worthy of note, but not worth passing on 10-15 (or more) times. Every once in a while an “if you know what this is, share it” request will feature a photo of a truly obscure item that 90% of people currently living would not immediately recognize — but often the object is something that still can easily be purchased at someplace like Walmart and would probably only be unrecognizable to a person under the age of twelve, or living under a very large and isolated rock.

To be fair though, sometimes there’s humor involved in that the photo is of a truly bizarre product from decades gone by, or one that has a ludicrous name. Those are funny, at least, and humor I can appreciate. In fact, I decided (in parody) to create and pass along a photo that depicted a medieval ballista along with a request to “Share this if you’re old enough to have owned one of these”. Now THAT proved to be quite popular with rather a LOT of my SCA friends. πŸ˜‰

But a lot of such “share this if…” posts are really lame, and if they aren’t FUNNY, are just time-wasters — or maybe time-fillers for the terminally bored.

There are apps to find out your Hogwarts House or Game of Thrones Name or Ideal Career based totally upon your initials, your birthday, random chance, or the color of your underwear rather than upon any quiz that might make the selection other than totally arbitrary — though I’ll have to admit that some of the outcomes are hilarious: Underwear Model? Really? πŸ˜‰

There are the endless puzzles or lists claiming that “95% of people will not be able to spot, recognize, solve or see this. Share it if you can” when it’s actually criminally easy to spot, recognize, solve or see. I’m guessing these are designed simply to make average people feel as though we were a part of an elite minority, but who can really say?

There are political and social rants, social media warnings, and/or fervent and heart-felt appeals, encouraging those who agree (or disagree) to share them — when they may not be true, and all too often are not. The recipient is, of course, STRONGLY encouraged to pass along this “critical information” to the rest of the known universe because — well, it’s just IMPERATIVE!!!!

But no matter how heart-wrenching, dire, or threatening, I never pass along anything I do not KNOW to be true. Well, okay, I won’t pass it along unless it’s just flagrantly obvious satire, and even then I try to include numerous CLUES that the post is a joke because, well, I’m constantly being amazed by the number of people who wouldn’t recognize humor if it bit them in the ass, and wouldn’t appreciate it unless some politician or pseudo-celebrity TOLD them to.

So if I don’t rush to share or pass along a post, please do not take that personally. If I know it to be a hoax (and I do tend to check) I may very well let you know. However, the chances are high that I simply will not pass along 98% of the things I’m asked or instructed to share — no matter who they come from. It’s not personal. It’s not an indictment of the sender. It’s simply a choice made by a flawed human being with no pity. πŸ˜‰

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