Tractor Surgery

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January 8, 2019 by phicks2012

A couple of years ago my tractor — hereafter called Lulu, because that’s her name — went lame. Her front end on the right side went out, and I went through all sorts of nonsense trying to get her fixed.

Because she’s a LONG Landtrac, this is an “issue” in that they aren’t being produced anymore — at least, apparently, not in this country — and that means the parts aren’t easily available. Trust me, your local Tractor Supply won’t have them, and neither will local tractor dealers. The ones around here definitely don’t.

The last time this happened the local tractor/equipment dealer where I bought Lulu in the first place said they couldn’t get the parts, so I tracked them down elsewhere, had to wait months for them to be in stock and arrive from Korea, and arrive on my doorstep. Then the local place refused to put the parts on (for insurance liability reasons) if they didn’t order the parts (they told me they couldn’t get) themselves, so I was still out of luck.

The whole issue eventually took nearly a year of calling around and being jerked around and looking for alternatives before it was resolved — and THAT without any help from a service professional. Fortunately, with the help of a neighbor Jason eventually figured out how to get the old parts off (and disassembled), and the new parts assembled, and the whole assembly put back on — after which Lulu was CURED!!!

Well, okay. She was cured until recently when the other side went out. Think of it as knee replacement surgery. She had one knee done two years ago, and late in 2018 the other knee said “Okay, my turn!”

I’ve been putting the procedure off since September because, frankly, things like property taxes always come due at the end of the year, and Christmas gifts have to be bought, and I was also having issues with two of my rental tenants who weren’t paying their rent and eventually had to be evicted — after which money had to be spent to get the units ready again for new tenants. In short, money was tight.

But today I finally bit the bullet, and while I still couldn’t really afford the expense I ordered the replacement parts to get Lulu back on her feet/wheels.

They tell me if the parts are in stock they should ship tomorrow and arrive in 7 business days, so I have ALL of my various fingers crossed hoping those parts will actually be “in stock”. Since he worked on Lulu the last time, Jason now has the needed tools and the necessary knowledge to do it again, so with any luck Lulu will be back out bush-hogging and scraping the driveway in no time at all.

But wish me luck!!!! I still might need it!

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