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January 5, 2019 by phicks2012

What to Do When You’re Really REALLY Bored

There are hundreds of cool things to do to stave off boredom. Among other things, you can read (or write) a good book (remember those?), work on crafts, get together (or spend time) with friends or family (for me that also counts going to an SCA event), go to a sporting event (either as a participant or as a fan), see a good movie, play an on-line game, or even take a class. However, there are times when, for whatever reason, options are few.

So what do I do when I’m really REALLY bored? What are my options when I have no unread books handy and nothing on Kindle looks worth ordering — when I’m burned out (for the time being) on World of Warcraft, — when I just don’t feel like sewing, embroidering, weaving, or writing poetry — when I’m way ahead on newsletters and comic strips — when I have no heraldic research or consulting to do — when I have no friends available to get together with, and when I can’t find anything on live TV (either movies or series) that I want to watch?

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and come up with three lists:


Things I WILL Do Even If Only Marginally Bored:

1) Do Stunt Heraldry: Documenting ridiculous names or devices for no reason except as a diversion.

2) Draw extra Comic Strips (if I have even a sliver of inspiration).

3) Browse or the internet in general for gag gifts and unusual or period-looking dust-collectors.

4) Eat (unfortunately).

5) Do extra Heraldic Commentary on OSCAR (the On-Line System for Commentary And Response).

6) Go to a nearby SCA Event (if one is available) or get together with an entertaining friend.

7) Watch a science documentary On Demand– yes, REALLY!

8) Write BLOGS like this one.

9) Watch Sports (just not ANY sport).


Things I Might Do if I Were Really Incredibly Bored:

1) Watch Court TV, the coverage of a marathon, or golf.

2) Rewatch a movie I’ve seen more than five times.

3) Work in the garden (hopefully not weeding).

4) Check out a previously unwatched TV series (about which I know nothing) On Demand.

5) Play Solitaire.

6) Work on a Newsletter with a release date more than 6 months in the future.

7) Actually look at all of my Facebook notifications (just not political rants).

8) Housework (only not a LOT).


Things I Will NOT Do, Regardless Of Boredom Level:

1) Hunt a rabid wolverine naked.

2) Watch the Kardasians, the 700 Club, or Two Broke Girls.

3) Give myself a tattoo.

4) Eat licorice, raw chicken, or strychnine.

5) Base jump over a field of cactus and rattlesnakes.

6) Pierce my nose and insert a padlock.

7) Pay $743 (or even $511) in Bitcoin to an email extortionist, or purchase a $25 ITunes Gift Card from Walmart for a total stranger on Facebook Messenger.

Just Sayin’.

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