Scout’s Honor?

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December 26, 2018 by phicks2012

I’ve been scouted — or rather my house has — by Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, Devious Maids, MacGyver, and now (potentially) Legacies. The location scouts always say they’re thrilled, but the producers — or whoever in the upper echelons gets to make the final decisions — apparently haven’t been, at least thus far. It might be that their needs are simply very specific, but I keep hoping for a positive outcome.

TV and Movie Production companies pay well, or so I understand, and if they used The Castle even briefly it might just cover my property taxes for a year or two. So YES, I want them to pick this place!!! Damn straight I do!!!

I’m ideal! I have an unusual house. There’s plenty of space to park their production vehicles and equipment. I’m off the road so they wouldn’t have to worry about lookie-loos, and I don’t have inconveniently close neighbors to object. I’m also not likely to be a fan of the new show (I gather it’s another vampire/werewolf/witch/etc series with a mostly teenage cast — a sort of “Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” the Next Generation) so I wouldn’t be getting underfoot hoping to scope out or rub elbows with the stars. I’m afraid I’m just a tad past the age at which I might have been attracted to sub-adults and barely adults, so no mooning about and fantasizing. Not unless they were to show up with an unexpectedly hot cameraman, grip, or gaffer. 😉

So when the “Legacies” location scout was supposed to come out on December 20th to scope the place out, I was understandably hopeful. I wasn’t COUNTING on a positive outcome, mind you, because I’d gotten used to being rejected by the film industry. However, I did have my fingers crossed, and — they didn’t show up.

Oh well!

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