Adventures in “Dreaming”

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December 4, 2018 by phicks2012

I have always tended to have entertaining dreams. Once, as part of a “study” in college I was asked to write down my dreams and wound up with entries about trying to escape a futuristic underground city by swimming through canals filled with Lime Jell-o, and riding on a rubber train, so — well, you get the point, I’m sure.

If I were once again making a habit of writing down my dreams, I have a hunch that dream log would make for some highly interesting reading, because I’m constantly waking up from convoluted dreams that I later mostly forget — but vaguely recall as involving some pretty bizarre concepts.

Recently I woke up with verses of a song in my head. The tune escaped, but I wrote it down and added to the verses.

A week later I dreamed a movie starring people like Mark Hamill and Zachery Quinto about a bunch of medieval peasants transported to another planet for 30-odd years and then faced with whether or not to return home.

A few days later I dreamed I’d latched a mini-padlock between two of my teeth (as ornamentation) and then lost the key.

So sometimes for me, “It’s Not Just Sleep — It’s An Adventure”

The poem below has been included once in an early blog, but still………



Beneath a coverlet of stars I dream
Of sailing ships with masted clouds outblown,
That swift traverse the skies to draw abeam
Of other wonders I have never known.

My visions arc upon a rainbow’s curving
Majesty, and follow in the glow
Of violet imaginings and crimson dreams which serve
To draw my spirit, hungering, from realms below.

Then, on a mist of woodland dawn I wake
To raindrops pooled upon each thirsting leaf,
And air new-scented with each breath I take,
And panoramas widened by belief.

The forests then a thousand rainbows wear,
With sunlight prismed, and my dreams arise.
The tree are masts with cloud sails in their hair
When, waking, still I see through dreamer’s eyes.

[October 4th, A.S. XXVII, 1992]

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