The Humor Gene?

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November 23, 2018 by phicks2012

I’ve always known this, I guess, but the fact is that there are people in this world who simply have no sense of humor! Are you shocked? 😉

Well, there exist in our universe individuals whose sense of humor is so stunted or limited that they can only laugh at very broad physical humor, or at the expense of those they dislike or with whom they disagree. For the sake of brevity, let’s call them “The Humor Impaired”.

An example of this syndrome are people with extreme, narrow, and often virulent political beliefs who find political humor hysterical and justified if aimed at an opponent but offensive and inexcusable when aimed even obliquely at their own candidates –even if those candidates absolutely BEG to be lampooned and aren’t even fast-moving targets. 😉

Another example is people of whatever religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation who feel free to make sport of other religions, ethnicities, genders or sexual orientations, but can see no humor at all (and a huge amount of offense) if they themselves (or their personal demographic) happen to be the butt of some joke — even a mild one — or as the result of some obscure reference.

Then again, some people simply have no functional sense of humor at ALL — only a very highly developed sense of offense. That, of course, makes them slow to laugh but amazingly quick to start idiotic flame wars against total strangers (or even supposed friends) on social media for no reason at all.

So I’ve been thinking that there must be a humor gene somewhere in the chain of human DNA that (when it manifests strongly) enables some people (often those who are capable of actually making their living as comedians) to see the humor in nearly everything.

When that gene is present, but (as it is with most people) is somewhat less well-developed, it enables us to laugh at a wide diversity of life experiences and absurdities, and to appreciate the humor expressed by those more mirthfully gifted. It also allows us the blessed and liberating ability to laugh at ourselves.

However, I have come to the sad conclusion that in some people the humor gene either is damaged (probably because their mother watched too many episodes of “Joanie Loves Chachi” when they were in utero) or totally absent due either to heredity, humor abuse, or maybe alien thought control. That is almost as tragic as it is annoying because such folk find NOTHING funny — that, or they either laugh insanely at things that are totally pointless and juvenile, or at things that are thoughtless and hurtful, and send the rest of us scurrying for the relative sanity and safety of a convenient isolation booth, or maybe Mordor.

So, in this age of gene splicing and genetic modification, I think it’s really only fair for scientists to look into this matter and figure out how to activate the humor gene so that the rest of us can stop having to deal with ass-hats on Facebook, and Instagram, and Twitter who corner us and bore us to death with repetitive inanities, or who go on irrational and offensive rants in response to — well, nothing.

Seriously though, we need more Love and more Laughter in this world, and WAY less Hatred and less Anger, and I wish it were actually that easy to fix what ails us. Okay, so maybe it’s not “easy” but it might be “solvable”, if medical science could isolate and stimulate a humor gene, and we could all have a functional sense of humor. Yeah, that would be awesome!

Maybe we wouldn’t all be Robin Williams, or Kevin Hart, or Kate McKinnon, but we could damn well enjoy their jokes and satires, and parodies without exploding into nuclear waste and contaminating the known (or virtual) world with our disapproval and toxicity, and we could laugh at OURSELVES because all of us definitely deserve it at one time or another. I know I do!

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