There Should Be An AP For That!

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October 13, 2018 by phicks2012

Nowadays the tech community has flooded the market with APPs for just about everything. We can get directions from Earth to the Moon, follow hurricanes on radar, check our credit ratings, read mystery novels, post (and rant irrationally) on social media, follow sports, translate languages, search for true love or temporary lust, surf the internet, share photos of our lunch choices or body parts, video-chat, shop, and probably even hire a hit man. πŸ˜‰

Most of my real friends (as opposed to exclusively Social Media “friends”) show reasonably good judgement regarding what to share, what links to follow, what items to buy, and what personal information to broadcast, but some can still surprise me, and I have to admit to myself that I have not always had the best judgement either in friends or lovers. Okay, in some cases I’ve proven to have really Horrible Judgment! I mean REALLY!! Ask me sometime about the sets of “Twins” — “Terror” and “Toxic” or about dating a sociopath.

So, since there’s an APP for nearly everything else, I’m thinking there needs to be an APP for that too, right? We could call it “Character Genii” and it could be calibrated to read “aura” colors the way color-matchers work to tell us what color paint to buy to touch up our dining room, kitchen, or panic-room!!!

We could just aim our IPhone or Android at a person and it would either play “Somewhere Out There” and light up with a Heart & Flowers, or it would set off an Alarm and flash a Toxic Waste symbol. πŸ˜‰

We could use the same APP for detecting all sorts of untrustworthy or dangerous people, really — fair weather friends, grifters, cheaters, bullies, sleazy politicians, sociopaths, substance abusers, and serial killers. Just think of the uses!!!

If some sharp-looking dude hits on us in a bar we could aim the phone and get an instant read-out of “Prince Charming”, or “Nice Enough But Has Baggage”, or “Chronically Unemployed”, or “Married Ass-Hole” or “Total Narcissist”, or “Ted Bundy”.

If some smooth-talking business type advises us to invest in his sure thing start-up company, we could get an immediate reading of “Financial Genius”, or “Mostly Reliable”, or Con Man”, or “Bernie Madoff”.

We could aim it at a potential house-mate and find out whether or not they’re “Trustworthy”, or “Substance Addicted”, or “A Total Nutjob”, and we could aim it at a new acquaintance and get a read-out of “Good Guy” or “Hustler”, or “Completely Inconsiderate”, or even “Run While You Still Can”.

If some dishonest politician promises us the world or lies about his or her voting record or financial integrity the phone could erupt in hysterical laughter. That probably wouldn’t go over all that well at a political rally, but if it actually helped to pin-point even one honest politician it would damn well be worth it, right? Well, that’s assuming there ARE any honest politicians, because I somehow doubt it. πŸ˜‰

So, somebody really, probably ought to create that APP, right????? If they did, I would most definitely buy it! Would you??

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