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October 9, 2018 by phicks2012

When I mow a lawn I have a particular way of doing it. Okay, actually I have two alternate methods. If the area is square or rectangular I mow around the edges with the grass-thrower aimed outward and work my way to the middle. Otherwise I mow back and forth until the areas is done. Either way works for me, and makes sense because I always know where I’ve already cut, and how much remains to be mown, and there’s very little wasted motion.

The other day I was watching Jason cut the grass at my duplexes, and was forced to note once again that he has no apparent pattern or method. He cuts at different angles and in different directions leaving clumps of unmown lawn between swaths of mown lawn in what appears to be a totally haphazard fashion. When he finishes, the grass always looks great, but to me it looks as though there is a LOT of wasted motion going on. I mean, he has to mow over already cut swaths to get to the uncut patches, right?

I’ve been meaning to ask him why he does it the way he does, but somehow it’s just never happened. Probably, the issue is that I’m just too pleased at having someone else do the work to risk asking that person why he does it the way he does. 😉 Maybe he’s being artistic, and if I had an aerial view of the lawns in question I would see abstract art or portraits of famous NASCAR drivers. Who knows?

Nope, I don’t think I’ll ask after all.

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