Ghost Cheese

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September 28, 2018 by phicks2012

Back in the depths of August, after spending far too much unintended money at Walmart (on a cool-looking wall clock, two DVDs, and a bag of avocados) when I only went in for three items (laundry detergent, RIT liquid fabric dye, and a small paint brush), I decided that while I had already escaped the clutches of frugality I might as well throw caution to the winds and stop for fast food on the way home rather than waiting and fixing my own lunch. As a result, I decided — somewhat arbitrarily — to stop at Arby’s.

I had not been to Arby’s for a while, partly because the location I normally frequented had burned and had to be rebuilt, so I convinced myself that I was in the mood for a classic roast beef sandwich as opposed to the guilty pleasure of Popeye’s Cajun friend chicken. I was going to be “good”, as far as the constraints of fast food tend to allow, and settle for the roast beef sandwich and a diet Coke. Okay, maybe a little Arby’s Sauce and a little Horsey Sauce on my entree, but otherwise calorically thrifty. However, when I reached the drive-through there they were on the menu — Mozzarella sticks.

I hadn’t consumed a fried Mozarella stick in several years, but they cried out, rather shamelessly, to me, and I thought “Well, why not? What’s it really going to hurt anyway?” As a result, I ordered the Mozarella sticks and collected my order at the window with something akin to anticipation, However, when I bit into my first Mozarella stick I got a surprise. I* bit into another and DITTO. Two-out-of-four of my Mozarella sticks were totally hollow.

Now, I’ve heard of “Ghost Peppers”, and “Goat Cheese”, but I have never in my life heard of “Ghost Cheese” — at least prior to this enlightening experience. But, by way of illustration, I’ve very thoughtfully included a photograph taken of the less-than-tasty tidbit. I’m guessing that the cheese all melted and leaked out during the frying process, but THIS is “Ghost Cheese”!!

So, now if anyone ever asks you what “Ghost Cheese” is, you now will know. 😉



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