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September 25, 2018 by phicks2012

So, the other night I was watching The Emmys, and I’ll be honest here. I was mainly watching because Colin Jost and Michael Che were hosting, and I really enjoy those two on SNL. But then the broadcast started, and I realized that WAY too many of the nominated shows or actors were ones I had never even heard of — at all. How sad is that?

Okay, I’d watched (at least a few times) and enjoyed a FEW of the nominated shows, like “Blackish”, “The Good Place”, “The Handmaid’s Tale” (read the book DECADES ago), “This Is Us”, and of course “Saturday Night Live” and “Game of Thrones”.

Then there came the category of “seen an earlier incarnation”. That worked for “Jesus Christ Superstar” because I’d enjoyed the original, but had just never seen the version being nominated. Didn’t even know about it.

I’d “heard” of a few more, like “The Amazing Mrs, Maisel”, “Silicon Valley”, “Stranger Things”, “Orphan Black”, “Atlanta”, “The Crown”, “American Horror Story”, “West World”, “The Americans”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” that I’d simply never watched — some because I didn’t get the channels they were shown on, and some because I wasn’t altogether sure when or where they were on and just wasn’t really motivated enough to seek them out, and some because, frankly, they just didn’t appeal to me. Facts are facts, right? I mean, despite numerous past nominations, “American Horror Story” just doesn’t flip my switches.

However, I’d never even “heard” of many of the nominated shows, like “Barry”, “The Looming Tower”, “The Sinner”, “Black Mirror”, “Killing Eve”, “Godless”, “Ozark” and — well, I don’t even remember the names of most of the others, or most of the nominated actors either. I’m sure they are very talented. But really, it’s sort of like looking at the covers of tabloids in the grocery checkout lane and having no earthly idea who those people are because you don’t watch the reality shows they appear in — except of course that people don’t have to have any “talent” to be on the cover of a tabloid. Just sayin’.

I did recognize a pitifully few actors Like Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Addy Bryant, Kenan Thompson, Alec Baldwin, Tony Shaloob, Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Larry David, Martin Short, and Steve Martin — none of whom won anything, and some of the presenters like Michael Douglas, Patricia Arquette, and a few others, but, as a matter of fact, Henry Winkler, Jeff Daniels and Peter Dinklege were the only “winners” I actually recognized. How tragic is that?

Somehow, despite my advancing age and looming irrelevancy, I had expected to have SOME fleeting familiarity with a FEW more of the nominated shows and actors, but I’m not sure exactly why. After all, in all honesty it’s been YEARS since any show (or movie) I’ve watched and tuly enjoyed won ANYthing major at the Emmys (or Oscars). Comedies I don’t find funny (or have never watched) always seem to win in that category, and dramas that I find tedious and depressing (or have never heard of) always seem to win in that category, so I really shouldn’t have been at all shocked at the parade of unknown names and faces being called up on stage. I mean, who was I kidding?

Also, in all candor, the fact that some film or program has won an award in no way guarantees that I will EVER feel inclined to watch it. Just to be sure I’m not talking through my hat, I checked the list of Oscar winning films, just to see how many I’ve seen and/or enjoyed, and out of 90 Best Film winning movies I’ve seen only 43 of them, and would watch only 28 of them again.

Entertainment-wise, at the Emmys — well Colin Jost and Michael Che have been much better, and I still love them, but the high point seemed to me to be that there was a live, unscripted marriage proposal. I think the girlfriend’s shock was far too real for it to have been otherwise, or she’d have been up for one of the acting awards.

Otherwise, I was interested to see that when they showed clips of some very talented people who have passed away this year so few people applauded. Disappointing, and the comedy bits with Fred Armison and Maya Rudolph mostly didn’t come close to making me crack even the shadow of a smile. I just stared at the screen or shifted to checking my email. Regrettable, or maybe I’m just a difficult audience. Who knows?

I watched whole presentation categories scroll by without mention of a single show I’ve watched, and I watched shows I actually enjoy (and given my tastes those admittedly are few and far between) lose out to shows I’ve never come close to liking, so obviously my tastes are questionable at best. Either that or the people who actually pick the winners are visitors from Alpha Centauri.

Thank GOD SNL won Best Comedy Sketch Show and saved me from almost total disillusionment though! Right?

So for the next Awards Show I think maybe I’ll just give up and slide in a DVD. 😉

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