Disposing of the Problem?

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September 7, 2018 by phicks2012

So — I called a few weeks ago for a repair on my disposal (the kind in your kitchen sink that eats the garbage you don’t want to), and the Sears Repair tech who came out to the house took one look at the thing and said I just needed a new one. The old one was covered by my protection plan, so No Problem. The repair tech placed the order, and the new unit arrived in the mail about a week later. Then, when Sears called to ask if I’d received it, I told them I had, and Sears sent the same tech back a few days later to install it.

See the connection here? Everything was handled by “Sears”.

Simple, until I discovered it was leaking. At that point, being a customer with an issue, I called Sears, and they scheduled another Repair tech to come and fix it.

So far so good, except that when the technician came out he refused to touch it, saying it wasn’t a “Repair Issue”. No, it was an “Installation Issue” and therefore he wasn’t allowed to deal with it. He gave me a number to call, and left, having done nothing at all.

But when I used the number and called, the Installation Dept had no record of the installation because it had been done by a Repair tech, and the Repair Dept said it was a bad “Installation” and hence not their issue. The Warranty Dept was clueless, and for three HOURS I was shuttled around between representatives who told me in bored monotone voices that they were sorry I’d been “inconvenienced” but that this was a matter for another department.

At one point I actually threatened — and not in a reasonable tone — to drive to a Sears Store, stand in the middle of the appliance dept and pitch a tantrum — and I still got the same “sorry you’ve been inconvenienced, but” line.

I was transferred at least ten times, and disconnected twice before I resorted to on-line chat and managed to get transferred to a supervisor who gave me a different contact number for Installation — one that actually didn’t send me to someplace like Pakistan.

I called THAT number. Then and only then did I finally get an intelligent agent who actually listened to me, reasoned things out, gave me a case number, and figured out what needed to be done. Hallellujah!

The Installation Dept needed to do a Re-Installation, but because the faulty installation had been done by the Repair Dept THEY had to look up the record and pass that information along to the Installation Dept and schedule the appointment. Funny how no one figured that out earlier.

So on August 17th an Installation tech name Orville showed up to address the issue, and figured out pretty quickly what the problem(s) — plural — were.

1) For some reason the original tech had not used the mounting hardware that came with the new disposal, instead using the worn out hardware from the old one — and because the old one had been difficult to remove those parts had been further damaged and warped. Orville showed them to me. They were misshapen and rusty, thus allowing for leakage simply because they didn’t fit properly. The Repair tech also had not left the unused NEW parts behind, so we were lucky that Orville had the needed parts in his truck. Otherwise, I’d have been royally screwed. Again.

2) When the Rapair tech replaced the drain portion in the sink he had not used plumber’s putty to seal it, allowing for leakage.

3) A washer where the sink plumbing attached to the disposal had been put in the wrong place, again allowing for leakage.

Ah, but WAIT! There’s MORE!

4) The dishwasher drain hose was connected (as it should have been) to the disposal, but it had been connected without first removing a shipping plug in the connection socket. That meant my dishwasher could not drain, and that the dishwasher motor was working 2-3 times harder trying to pump out water that had no place to go. Orville told me it was a wonder the dishwasher motor hadn’t burned out, thus requiring me to replace THAT appliance too. Wonderful!

But the thing is that I’d never have known why my dishwasher wasn’t cleaning my dishes lately if I hadn’t been able to get the disposal re-installation finally scheduled, and I’d have had to replace yet another appliance — or Sears would have, since it is also covered by my protection plan.

Thank you, Orville for knowing your job, getting the original problem corrected and staving off another. Thank you, Summer — the phone rep who finally got him scheduled. Thank you, God for not forcing me to pitch a temper tantrum in a mall-side Sears store!! Can I have an AMEN?

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