Bad Will & Dereliction Army?

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August 24, 2018 by phicks2012

So I had an old copy machine I needed to get rid of, and thought maybe someone else might want it. I called every charitable organization I could think of, but none of them accepted donations of electronics — except Good Will, who assured me they would take it off my hands.

So on Thuursday July 19th we dragged it out and put it onto a trailer, and strapped it down, and headed with high hopes and high expectations for the Good Will in Covington. Unfortunately, when we got there (it was the nearest location) the attendant there said that we needed to take it to a regular “store location”, because that’s where it would be sent anyway and his own location was under-staffed — meaning he wouldn’t be able to get it loaded (by himself) onto a truck to be sent out. As a result, though he also assured us that Good Will would take the copier, he sent us to Conyers.

So, we drove to Conyers to drop it off, only to have an exceedingly rude employee refuse to have anything to do with it. When I told him I’d called and been assured that Good Will DID take things like that, he glared at me as though I’d just insulted his parentage and said “Not my problem. Can’t sell it! Don’t want it! Won’t take it!” When I asked him, at least, to suggest somewhere else to take it, he gave me a look that clearly said he really didn’t give a flying fuck, turned his back, and walked away. Good Will? I think not.

When I mentioned this later to someone else, he said “Yeah, tell me about it. I took some really nice, laundered and folded kid’s clothing to Salvation Army the other day, and they told me just to put them around back.” Apparently, “around back” looked like a landfill, with heaps of discarded items left completely exposed to the elements — and it was obvious that most of them had been left that way for some time. Salvation? Well, it was pretty clear, to him at least, that a lot of things were not being saved at all. They were just being left to rot.

When we donate things to organizations like these we’re led to believe that their “business” is helping others less fortunate, and that they value what they are given — especially if the donated items are in good shape. Well, it would appear that this is not always true.

So, in the future I intend to check out the places where I might feel inclined to donate items — even if they are nationally known charitable organizations. I will not be returning to the Good Will in Conyers, or dropping off items at the local Salvation Army. The Kidney Foundation has yet to be evaluated. 😉

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