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July 6, 2018 by phicks2012

So when I go on-line, the first thing I see (on my home page or just about any other home page I might try) are celebrity gossip, reality TV promos, and political and social negativity — in short, nothing I would care to check out even if they were the only things available — and they just about are.

Once in a while there’s a cool scientific discovery, or archeological find, or success in breeding or preserving an endangered animal species, or a medical breakthrough that saves lives, or an inspiring survival story, or the debut of a wonderful new series of films — but you have to look pretty hard to find the coverage on those because they almost never “lead”.

It’s criminally easy to find information on who or what the reality stars of shows I’ve never had any remote interest in watching are doing, or what sleazy politicians are up to, but easily 9-out-of-10 “news items” seem to fit into those categories. As a result, I have to “subscribe” to positivity.

I follow news feeds relating to science (space exploration, archeology, paleontology, zoology, and other “ologies”), history, music, dance and art — in short, the good/positive stuff. I want to see things that deliver a positive message, not films and shows and articles that cater to our worst natures and instincts, exploit our fears, glamorize criminals, and give us further reasons to hate one another rather than to get along.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch a good (or even not so good) disaster movie, or monster movie, knowing it isn’t real. I also love a good fantasy, a good comedy, good science fiction, good mystery, and good musicals. A lot of those have negative elements, but as naive and unsophistocated as it might be I like to see the good guys win, and prefer my endings to be happy.

If the film or show is about organized crime, or dirty politics, or is unremittantly dark with no levening of humor, or is just incredibly stupid, or loud, or tasteless (a lot of reality shows hit this mark) I’ll move to change the channel so fast it should create a sonic boom.

I like to laugh, and to be inspired, and to be moved, and to be diverted. I want to forget for just a little while about the ugliness and shallowness, and meanness, and lack of compassion our world so often exhibits, and live for just a little while in a world where the heroes win, the bad guys get what they deserve, the world somehow isn’t destroyed, and love conquers all.

Just for a little while. šŸ˜‰

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