Suck-Ups & Pot-Stirrers

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June 13, 2018 by phicks2012

This is a rant, of sorts, because I’m sort of in the mood for one. Yep.

Certain types of bad behavior tend to set me off, especially when good people are seemingly being taken in by folks I know from personal experience to be toxic. Sort of human incarnations of Chernobel, or the Flint Michigan water supply, if you follow the imagery.

So, what sort of bad behavior gets me going?

Well, one of the more popular character types with writers of TV shows and movies tends to be The Suck-Up — that smarmy, self-aggrandizing, brown-nosing stereotype who flatters those who are in positions of perceived power — those possibly able to benefit him or her — in a never-ending quest to slither up the social, or military, or political, or corporate ladder, and leave a virtual slime-trail in their wake.

Another is the pot-stirrer — the nefarious plotter and trouble-maker who creates drama and discord to drive a wedge between other characters — again usually to advance him or herself by sabotaging perceived rivals.

We all know them in real life too, don’t we? Those people who really lack the skill or knowledge to advance themselves unless they can gain patronage or dispense with the more worthy folk cluttering up the arena?

They suck-up to the teacher, the coach, the boss, the commanding officer, the Royals (in the SCA or in real life), or to some powerful special interest group. They steal homework, take down other players with “accidental” cheap shots, claim credit for someone else’s work or try to steal clients, undermine the authority of superiors, and pretend loyalty and fealty while conspiring to gain power for themselves. They spread lies to discredit their rivals, and claim accolades they never earned.

These stereotypes exist, unfortunately, because the people like them exist in real life, and because we ALL have met them and (probably) been adversely affected by them — well, unless we ARE them, and in THAT case we really ought to be ashamed of ourselves. I mean REALLY!

Some suck-ups do honestly hero-worship the person whose posterior they are nuzzling at any given moment (though they generally are equal opportunity nuzzlers), but just as many only pretend admiration of the person, when what they truly admire/want for themselves is that person’s power, fame, wealth, or knowledge.

Pot-stirrers, on the other hand, pretty much only exist to cause trouble for the people they envy or want to control. That’s why people like that should really be identified early before they can wreck havoc on the lives, careers, and friendships of other people. Too bad it would be tacky to have them micro-chipped, and then we could all wear super secret detector rings that would beep or give us a mild electric shock when these people came too close. I’d take the shock every time!

So, where am I going with this? Nowhere in particular. I just wanted to sound off — though, personally, I think we need a separate country set aside for malcontents, trouble-makers and frauds. We can locate it on, maybe, Loihi, and call it “Malebolge”.

The people sent there could spend their lives having endless fun sucking up to and making trouble for each OTHER, and the creators of bad reality shows could go there to film them behaving badly and stabbing one another in the back — since that seems to be what a lot of people want to watch when they flip on the tube.

What do YOU think?

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