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June 1, 2018 by phicks2012

I have a Facebook Account, and there are rather a lot of Pop-Up ads on that site. Some are just totally misleading, but others do lead to actual merchants, and some of the goods being offered look (at least on the surface) really nice. Some probably ARE nice, but others — not so much.

A case in point is a company called New Chic that posts a lot of photos of really unique-looking women’s clothing. I made the error not long ago of following one of these links and ordering a long dress (based upon the photo and upon the item description). BIG mistake.

It was shown with a low, round neckline, wide ruffles at the cuffs and above the hem, a body that flaired out just below the neckline, and a wide, sweeping hemline. Based upon the picture the fabric appeared to be fairly heavy-weight, causing it to hang well, and I ordered a larger size than I needed because I wanted it to flow and to be really comfortable. It was advertised as “Cotton”, and that, for me, sealed the deal, since I never buy or wear anything that is made of synthetics or has more than a slight trace of synthetic content. Give me linen, cotton, silk or wool — or a blend of natural fibers — every time.

But, when I finally got the dress, as soon as I touched the fabric to pull it out of the tiny packaging I realized immediately that it was not what I thought I had ordered.

1) It was not made of cotton. It was clearly marked Rayon, and it was a very flimsy, Rayon at that. The fabric was cheap, feeling more like Nylon (which I’ve hated with a passion since childhood), the colors were not the same (even if the fabric “print design” was). Also, since the fabric was so thin the wrinkles simply refused to fall out when the garment was hung.

2) It was cut much, much narrower than shown in the ad photo, with a considerably narrower body and a hem about half as full as pictured. As a result, it did not flair as in the photo, and it was sized such that even though I ordered a larger size than needed, it was actually snug in the hips.

3) The deep ruffles shown around the cuffs were entirely missing, and the one above the hem was maybe 1-1/2″ wide rather that 4″-5″ wide. The ruffles, as such, were not for me a vital selling point, but their absence was noticeable nevertheless, and changed the appearance of the dress even further.

4) The neckline was totally different, and instead of a low rounded neckline it had a high neckline with a front slit — without which slit it would never manage even to fit over a human head.

5) It was very, very poorly sewn. The hems and neckline puckered badly, the seams were weak, and there were threads dangling everywhere.

My feeling is that the dress in the photo was probably an original or prototype, and that the dresses being sold were cheap, badly made knock-offs — not even using the same pattern, and certainly not using the same fabric. I suspect that someone re-printed the fabric print design on cheaper, thinner synthetic fabric, and then turned out a bunch of badly-constructed knock-off dresses using a different dress pattern and as little of that cheaper, thinner fabric as humanly possible, but that’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

It costs nearly as much to return things like this (to China, as it turned out) as to buy them in the first place, so the dress will be going un-worn to Good Will. I’m hoping that maybe someone thin will have a use for it that doesn’t require a well-made garment.

I have already warned my Facebook friends to be wary of ordering anything from this company, and I have also gotten a number of responses from those friends detailing similar issues with items of clothing ordered on-line that turned out to be from China. Their issues tended to be with sizing (too small, or too short, or just wierdly proportioned), fabric not as advertised, poor workmanship, and the style being different from what was shown in the ads. One ordered a hood that turned out to be from China, and reported that it was oddly proportioned, and that she was not really sure it would fit a human being. The picture of the item she showed me looked — just strange.

Some have also have learned, apparently, to look at the contact information to see where the product originates, and never to order anything that comes from China. A lot of times, they tell me, the only information is an international phone number, and that if it says +86 it is China.

Lesson learned.

I’m certain that designers and clothing manufactueres in China are perfectly capable of making nice clothing, but I’m afraid I’m no longer willing to take a chance — and certainly not with New Chic. The dress just SCREAMED sweat-shop knock-off, and I could actually have made something far nicer myself, even without a pattern.

That, in fact, is just what I think I’ll do. Fabrics-store.com, here I come to order linen!!


Advertised Dress:                                              Received Dress:


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