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May 18, 2018 by phicks2012

I have a Facebook Account, and it can be very useful, but recently when I go to the HOME page I seem to be getting more ADS than Posts by Friends, and Facebook seems to want to remind me every day what I was doing five, or eight, or three years ago. Mostly, I don’t really care, and scroll right past it faster than a meth addict on energy drinks. 😉

In addition, when I check my Notifications 85%-90% are Shares from a very few people who apparently live on Facebook these days and have no real lives. Now, it might be just me, but I suspect there’s some sort of weird physics or a bizarre temporal flux involved, because there just can’t be enough hours in a normal day to find and evaluate that many things, and to decide (less than arbitrarily) that other people just have to see them too! Not unless their brains are in hyper-drive.

Speaking for myself, I rarely “Share” other people’s posts. I share cute or funny family and SCA photos or things that really, really impress me — like if someone played Beethoven’s 5th on a concrete sidewalk, or cloned an actual dragon, or dug all the way to China (from a country not bordering China) with a teaspoon. Otherwise the liklihood of my “sharing” drops dramatically.

If I get a picture of an antique object with a post reading “Share this if you know what it is” I’m probably going to be old enough to recognize it without Googling, but I don’t share it.

If I get a post saying “People need to KNOW about this, so share it with as many as possible” I don’t share it. I do usually go to and find out that it’s 200% bogus, but even if I think 90% of my friends will realize this and laugh, there are always those sneaky 10% who might have crept onto my Friends List who might just take it seriously.

If I get a post saying “I’ll know who my real friends are by who shares this” I’ll click LIKE, but I STILL don’t share it. Emotional blackmail is such an unattractive proposition, and if you’re going to Unfriend me for failing to clutter up bandwidth then maybe I SHOULDN’T like you. I mean, really?

Sharing on Facebook can be like passing on a chain letter to avoid dying horribly of a 3500 year old curse by breaking the chain. Did they even HAVE chain letters 3500 years ago? Did poor Tutankhamun die young because he failed to pass along 10 copies of a hyroglyphic chain letter carved in granite? Who knows? I don’t, but I somehow suspect that young Tut could easily have ordered a scribal flunkie to take care of so trivial a matter, so I doubt it would be true even if the letter I got proclaimed “King Tut FAILED to pass along this chain letter and he DIED!”

I can be amused by posts that are clearly bogus, like one the other day reminding people to read the 28th Ammendmant, or another touting the resurgence of the endangered Jackalope, but I rarely pass them along unless I find them absolutely hilarious. If I think the post will truly entertain or amuse, then maybe I’ll pass it on. If I have to consult my “Magic 8-Ball” to decide whether it IS entertaining or amusing then that’s a “NO”.

So if you post 98 shares per day and I don’t LIKE them all, or re-share them, or even LOOK at them, it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t LIKE you. It may, however, mean I think you have WAY too much time on your hands and a Sharing Adiction that might indicate a need to call “The Adiction Hotline” or enter ReHab ASAP — but I might still LIKE you. HONEST!

If I don’t, then you’ll find out when I share that unattractive photo with your third eye showing. 😉


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