“When We Are Young”


April 26, 2018 by phicks2012

Sometimes the verses I write are upbeat and hopeful. Sometime they are not. Sometimes they are melancholy and come out as laments.

When I was young I truly believed in the fairy tale. I knew that someday I would meet and marry my “Prince Charming”, and have true love, and live happily ever after. I never did.

The wrong ones always asked, and the right one never did, and I was unwilling to settle for lesser Royalty — like “Count Chocula” or “Sir Loin of Boeuf”, except as dietary additions.

People kept telling me I’d meet someone when I wasn’t looking, but after “not looking” for quite a while — and kissing quite a few non-transformational frogs — it eventually dawned on me that the fairy tale just wasn’t going to happen for me, and that I’d reached a point in life when it no longer really mattered all that much. Is that depressing, or what? šŸ˜‰

Now, not being “trophy wife” type or vintage, the men who want me are mostly looking for care-givers or meal tickets, or non-demanding companions for their old age — and really, why, if I can stand on my own, would I want to sign on as a nurse or a bank account, or a companion and bring more drama into my life? Nothing at all romantic about any of those, the way I see it, and if there’s no romance involved, why bother? Batteries can take care of the rest without the drama. šŸ˜‰

So yes, I’ve become a total cynic, where my own romantic future is concerned. I read, and write, semi-trashy novels, try valiantly to control my envy of couples who have been happily together for thiry or fourty years, and just do pretty much what I want without having to answer to anyone, so I guess that’s “living the good life”.

On the other hand, I do wish the fairy tale had been real. Hence, the verse below:


When We Are Young

When we are young, we know that love will find us
With honeyed words and eyes that matchless shine,
And that true passion will forever bind us
In coils of love, eternal and divine.

When we are young and time is all before us
We know as surely as the skies are blue
That life will bring us someone to adore us
And all our fiercest dreamings will come true.

When we are young and age is but a shadow
That cannot touch the wonder that we see,
We know that flowers will always grace the meadow
And we see naught but possibility.

When we are young and clouds have not yet gathered
And love has not yet come and gone away,
No treasure lost that truly would have mattered
We know that bliss is but a breath away.

We waste our youth quixotically believing
We’ve time before final bell is rung
For all our dreams, but time can be deceiving,
And it can slip away when we are young.

[07 April, A.S. LII, 2018]

2 thoughts on ““When We Are Young”

  1. Very good and very true.

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